Issue #101

May 12th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Parallax background effect for the ViewPager (

An introductory blog post by Andras Kindler on how to use the ParallaxViewPager. Also checkout the code in the "libraries & code" section.


Using GreenDao with Android Studio (
A post by Kamil Krzyk about how to use GreenDao, one of the best Android ORM mappers out there, with Android Studio.

Best resources for Android development (
This post for Android novices explains the best resources like libraries and tutorials that are out there when you start Android developing.

Link Bild Parallax Pager (

Parallax seems to be a hot topic this issue. Another blog post to archive that visual effect.


Two Secure Coding Tools for Analyzing Android Apps (
Although the Android Operating System continues to dominate the mobile device market, applications developed for Android have faced some challenging security issues like activity hijacking and so on. If you never worried about the security of your app you might be interested in this guide.

Bluetooth LE – Part 5 (
Fifth part of Mark Allisons how to develop for Bluetooth low energy.

Android App Polishing: Reducing User Frustration with Animations (
A new G+ post by Cyril Mottier about how to reduce user frustration by providing animated feedback (for example when you're waiting for a network response).

Custom Layouts on Android (
In this post, Lucas Rocha will demonstrate four different ways of implementing custom layouts and discuss their respective pros and cons: composite view, custom composite view, flat custom view, and async custom views.


Android Developers @ Mirego (Montreal & Quebec City)
At Mirego, we create world-class mobile solutions to help industries reinvent themselves using technology. We seek passionate and authentic Android Developers who will enjoy building outstanding user experiences and products with us. Catered lunches and beer o'clock included ;)

Android Developer @ Insteon (Irvine, California)
It’s not just for the DIY geeks or rich and famous any more, home control and the Internet of Things is upon us and INSTEON is at the forefront. Let’s impress the industry together. Come work with a small and efficient interdisciplinary team to bring the INSTEON experience to the world of Android!

Android Engineer @ Tumblr (New York)
A versed engineer with good taste and incredible product sense, ready to build great features with minimal direction.

Weebly is hiring Android Engineers! (San Francisco, CA)
Weebly runs over 2% of all websites on the Internet. Help lead the development of an Android application that our users are eager for. Work in a creative environment where you'll be able to work on a variety of projects & platforms with awesome peers. Email

Libraries & Code

Link Bild Android Social Networks (

Android Social Networks is a library which makes working with social networks easier. It contains a common interface for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus, just build SocialNetworkManager and configure your AndroidManiferst and your users can login, post messages or photos and manage friends.


FButton (
FButton is a custom Button of Android with "Flat UI" concept. It's customizable and it looks how flat design should look nowadays.

ParallaxViewPager (
An easy-to-use ViewPager subclass with parallax background effect.

SizeAdjustingTextView (
An autosizing textview for Android that also supports multiple lines.

Sugar ORM (
Sugar ORM got a version bump to 1.2. The update includes package restriction for domain classes, metadata caching, a new QueryBuilder, database migrations, provisioning for raw queries and a better and more organized api guide.

EdgeEffectOverride (
EdgeEffectOverride is library designed to help override the blue overscroll_edge and overscroll_glow effects used by the the EdgeEffect class.

SuperListview (
This library is making listview way more easy to use. No need to embed the listview in a framelayout to add the progressbar or the emptyview. Features built in: ProgressBar while adapter hasn't been set, EmptyView if adapter is empty, SwipeRefreshLayout (Google's one), Infinite scrolling, Swipe To Dismiss.


Link Bild Android User Data 2014 (

The Double Encore team has published their numbers about Android Platform data. Very interesting insights.