Issue #105

June 8th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

How to Test Android’s Parcelable Interface (

The author recently ran into a huge pitfall with Parcelable objects, and writes about how to create proper unit tests for them.

link image   App UI / UX – Part 3 (

In this article Mark Allison continues developing a Bluetooth LE app, and looks at changing the background color according to the measured temperature by the LE device.

Hands on Retrofit (A Rest Api Client) (

When it comes to networking, there are tons of ways to do the requests. Most of the time you will end up with a lot of boilerplate code, or endless scripts containing transformations and stuff into useable code. Actually there’s a smarter way of doing that, namely by using Square's Retrofit library.

Adding attributes to a custom view (

There are times when using default Android views just don't cut it and you need to create your own View. So how exactly do you do that? Zarah Dominguez show you how.

link image   Creating a Cards UI on Android (

This article explains how to create a Cards UI with only a normal ListView and Adapter logic.

AOSP Part 2: Build variants (

Udi Cohen continues his series on how to build AOSP.

Dependency injection on Android: Dagger (Part 1) (

This new series will explain what dependency injection is, what its main purpose is and how to use it on an Android project by using Dagger, the best know implementation designed with Android in mind.

Debugging During Robolectric Test Execution In Android Studio (

Here's a short tip on how to debug Robolectric tests in Android Studio using Gradle.

Extracting Form Models in Android (

In his continuing quest to get code out of Android Activities, Matt Swanson has implemented the traditional "Form Model" pattern in a recent project with great success and wanted to share my thoughts.

Groovy on Android (

With Apple introducing Swift, a new and easier to learn programming language, the Android ecosystem needs to even up. Cédric Champeau's explains in his blog post how to develop Android application using Groovy, a programming language similar to Ruby.



link image   SDKs extend Podio’s customization potential (

Thanks to its API, Podio is an easily extendable work tool that helps teams organize the work they do everyday. Now it is expanding its customization capabilities with beta mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. Learn more at



link image   Awesome Android Design by Nick Butcher (

A deep dive on the tools and techniques for building Android applications that follow the Android Design guidelines. This talk presents patterns and protips for implementing the Holo visual language with it's content first philosophy and responsive design approach.

An Android Wear Design Story (

A few weeks ago, Roman Nurik and Timothy Jordan were chatting about designing apps for wearables to validate some of the content they’re planning for Google I/O 20141. Here a post about everything they did to design an wearable app from scratch.



Android Developer @ Phunware (Austin, TX - Newport Beach, CA - San Diego, CA)

Phunware is the 4th fastest growing software company in the U.S. per the latest Inc. 500 and we are very proud to have been named to the Forbes’ 2014 list of America’s Most Promising Companies. Create experiences for top customer brands in all categories from Sports to Entertainment.

Android Developers @ Mirego (Montreal & Quebec City)

At Mirego, we create world-class mobile solutions to help industries reinvent themselves using technology. We seek passionate and authentic Android Developers who will enjoy building outstanding user experiences and products with us. Catered lunches and beer o'clock included ;)

Sr. Software Engineer (Android/ 74-030414A) (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Control4 Corporation, a worldwide leader in home automation, has an immediate need for a Senior Software Engineer specializing in Android to work to produce quality consumer mobile and tablet applications, design and develop new functionality and robust foundation code to be used by multiple teams.


Libraries & Code

Holoaccent (

Android library to customize the Holo theme with a custom accent color. The color can even be set programmatically, allowing the UI to change dynamically.

link image   Dynamicbox (

DynamicBox is a library which inflates custom layouts to indicate loading content, show an error message or even a custom view. Supports ListView, GridView, ExpandableListView, Activity, FragmentActivity, Fragment, LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, ScrollView

Android Image Slider (

An image slider for Android with many image transformation effects.

Circular Progress Button (

Android Button which can morph to Circular Progress. See the gifs to get a feeling of the animation.

KeyboardlessEditText (

A native EditText, except that no keyboard will appear when user interacts with it. All other edit operations still work. We wonder what it will be used for - but if you have that need then check it out.



How to Educate Users (

With 87% of all users refusing to even open a manual, let alone read it, how do you help these poor people get the best from your app?



Codelearn Android App Dev Challenge (

This challenge involves the use of HTTP network calls and the integration of Twitter4J library to make a fully functional Twitter app. Give it a try.

Smooth Reviews (

You give a review, you get a review. You simply go to on your mobile device and we’ll give you an app to review. Be fast and get unlimited free reviews for your app by reviewing other apps until the 10th of june.



Android Developer Days - All Sessions (

For all of you who have missed the Android Developer Days in Ankara, here are the video sessions. And if you want to take a look at the presentation files, here they are: