Issue #112

July 27th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

KNOX Contribution to Android: Accelerating Android in the Workplace (

Recently at Google I/O, Google announced a comprehensive set of new features that will allow IT organizations to easily deploy and manage Android devices in enterprise environments. These features will be built into the upcoming Android L release.

Simple Ripple + Reveal + Elevation tutorial (

In this tutorial you will learn how to implement a material design ripple, elevation and reveal effect for your views.

How templates can save your time? (

In this post by Dmytro Danylyk you'll learn how to create live templates to generate boilerplate code (in this case Parcelable.Creator).

Floating Action Button (

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a floating action button like in the new Gmail app. There is a Gist so that you can directly embed this component in your project.

Android AutoCompleteTextView With Suggestions From a Web Service (

In this blog post for beginners you'll learn how to create an AutoCompleteTextView that gets its suggestions by a web service.

Irregular Shapes – Part 4 (

Mark Allisons fourth part of how to create irregular shapes.

Migrating to the new project structure (

In this post by Bryan Emmanuel you learn how to migrate an old project the gradle way.

Why we love parcable (

An ode how to pass data between activities via parcables.

link image   Developing Watchfaces for Android Wear (

James Barr from Two Toasters has written an article how to dive into Watchface development. They also released a Watchface template on Github.



link image   Splash Screens (

Riyaz Ahamed has posted a rant on splash screens that do nothing beside annoying the user. We strongly agree!



Venmo - Android Engineer (Multiple locations - NY, SF)

At Venmo, we build products that make payments easy. We view engineering as a craft, and want our software to be as elegant as the end user experience. We're looking for Android engineers to help make our app become the easiest way to pay anyone, anywhere, at any time.

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Libraries & Code

Watchface Template (

If you want to develop a Watchface for Android Wear then this might be your starting point. Be sure you also read Two Toasters blog post about wear development.

CircularFloatingActionMenu (

An animated, customizable circular floating menu for Android, inspired by Path app.

Floating Action Button (

Another floating action button implementation.

Magnet (

This library enables you to create a window icon similar to Facebooks chat icon, and also similar to the Link Bubble app.

CircleView (

A circle view containing title and subtitle.


App of the Week

Custom Watch face for Android Wear (

We've published an update to our custom watch face. It now works properly on the LG G Watch too. Be sure to checkout the code on GitHub.