Issue #113

August 3rd, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

Creating a Media App for AndroidTV (

This tutorial goes over creating a basic media app for AndroidTV.

Gradle Tutorial : Part 1 : Installation + Setup (

The first part of the tutorial focuses on setting up Gradle on your system.

Gradle Tutorial : Part 2 : Java Projects (

The second part of the tutorial looks at how you can use Gradle to compile/build/test your Java projects.

Gradle Tutorial : Part 3 : Multiple Java Projects (

The third part of the tutorial looks at a common scenario where you will have multiple Java projects that could be dependent on each other.

How templates can save your time? (

Live templates let you insert frequently-used or custom code constructs into your source code file quickly, efficiently, and accurately. They contain predefined code fragments. Dmytro Danylyk shows you how to create them.

A Beginners Guide to Android Wear (

Here's a good presentation that's an introduction to writing your first Android Wear app.

Loosely coupled In-app communication in Android (

An article on using Otto bus to communicate between Activities and Fragments.

Ripples – Part 1 (

Mark Allison takes look at a new Android L feature: Ripples.

Everybody Tests: Why is the Android Monkey so Naughty? (

An article about how the UI Excerciser Monkey util can occasionally start the music player or generate screenshots on devices and emulators.

AOSP Part 3: Developing Efficiently (

This post covers: Properly importing an AOSP repository into your source control, better ways to build modules and deploy to the device, and writing scripts for faster development process.

link image   Google I/O 2014 App Source Code Now Available (

The source code for the 2014 version of the Google I/O app is now available.



An Android App With Five Corners (

In December 2013, Oppoloo created a user experience for the Berliner Philharmoniker Gunther Beyer describes the design process for the mobile app.

Wireframe/Mockup design tools (

Paresh Mayani talks about wireframe/mockup design which is actually a phase before actually starting app development.

link image   Android Wear Flat Device Frame (

Cyril Mottier made my a device frame PSD and would like to share it with you so that you can use it in your presentations or simply when promoting your Android Wear app.



Venmo - Android Engineer (Multiple locations - NY, SF)

At Venmo, we build products that make payments easy. We view engineering as a craft, and want our software to be as elegant as the end user experience. We're looking for Android engineers to help make our app become the easiest way to pay anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Apply Once & Get 5-15 Android Development Offers! (San Francisco, New York, Los Angles, Seattle)

Over 1,000 companies compete for experienced Android Developers every week on Hired. From startups to public corporations, you'll get multiple, diverse job offers with salary & equity numbers upfront. No risk. All reward. Join today!

Lead Android Developer (London)

Lead Android Developer - In this role you will lead the development of our Android app working alongside our team of world-class developers. The app is highly interactive with an innovative visual style, and is a core component of our vision to create the world’s opinion network.

Agricultural Industry, remote developers (Boston, Chicago, New Zealand)

We're looking for Android developers to help us get a very "real world" problem for the international agricultural industry solved once and for all. This is a rare opportunity to join a top-notch team with a proven plan at the earliest stages. (


Libraries & Code

Beanlib (

This is an unofficial SDK for the Punch Through Design Beann (an Arduino-based BLE device). The library allows for communication with the bean and control its various functions.

Adapter Kit (

Adapter Kit is a set of useful adapters for Android. The kit currently includes: Instant Adapter, Instant Cursor Adapter, Simple Section Adapter, Circular List Adapter



Android Studio 0.8.4 Released (

Google just released Android Studio 0.8.4 to the canary channel. In addition to a number of bug fixes, this version contains the new Android project view which offers a flattened and reorganized view of the Gradle project structure.

Android Dex Method Count (

Here's a shell script for counting methods in Android Dex file.