Issue #115

August 17th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Use TextureView to Display Video With Custom Controls (

The common feature of video applications is to display a video with customized media player controls. This article shares some knowledge and show some ideas around video playing on Android.

Neatly Composing REST Calls Using Retrofit and RxJava (

This article shows how to use Retrofit together with RxJava and emphasizes the possiblity to combine and chain REST calls using rxObservables to avoid ugly callback chains. It gives you a nice example of using RxJava in order to write less and cleaner code.

link image   A First Glance at Android's RecyclerView (

This post by Wolfram Rittmeyer gives you an introduction to the RecyclerView, it’s many internal classes and interfaces, how those interact and how you can use them.

Why I Use Crashlytics - Part 2 (

Donn Felker discusses how crash data can help you fix the most critical crashes with minimal effort and create happy users and customers for your business.

Streaming the Droid (

A presentation from Droidcon Berlin on playing streaming videos with the Android APIs.

Locally release an Android Library for JCenter or Maven Central (

This post will put you on the right path to releasing and Android library to bintray (JCenter) or (MavenCentral). It will show you how you can create a maven compatible release of your Android library project.

Android L Tutorials (Part 3) - RecyclerView and CardView (

This article gives examples of using the new RecyclerView and CardView.

Ripples – Part 3 (

In this concluding article Mark Allison looks at styling ripples defined in the previous articles.

How to store the Credentials securely in Android (

Most of the applications in the Market store credentials (username/password or a hash) in the application to avoid prompting the user continuously asking him for the authentication. Here's one way to encrypt this data.

simple library publishing with Gradle (

So, you switched to Gradle and just finished you new shiny Android library (or java library). And of course you want to share it with the community. Here's a quick guide for those who never published their libraries before.



link image   Get tips and tools designed to enhance your apps (

Access the latest tools, developer guides, SDKs, APIs and sample code. Learn how to optimize for Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors. Get tips for using dev platforms for augmented reality, mobile graphics, minimizing power consumption, and maximizing the Internet of Everything.



link image   Revisiting Yahoo! Apps (

Juhani Lehtimaki revisit the Yahoo Weather app and take a look at another new app with an eye for what works and what doesn't in the designs.



Lead Android Engineer - Gametime! (San Francisco, CA)

Join us at the heart of the SF tech scene - we're a rocket ship taking the sports world by storm, up 30x in six months and building our very first Android team. Free tickets, lunches, annual education budget, meaningful work, equity, and we'll move you out here. Join us!

Android @ Expensify (San Francisco, CA)

We've created a cross-platform mobile framework, YAPL, that uses native controls. The Android implementation isn't quite up to our standards and we'd love your expertise to help it get there! With over 2M users, we're looking for an Android developer to help us scale!

Android @ SeatGeek (New York City, NY)

It's a fun time to be building a ticketing app. Mobile ticketing right now is where photo sharing was four years ago — awful. We're changing that. Come join the team that is revolutionizing ticketing and event discovery and have fun doing it.

Apply Once & Get 5-15 Android Development Offers! (San Francisco, New York, Los Angles, Seattle)

Over 1,000 companies compete for experienced Android Developers every week on Hired. From startups to public corporations, you'll get multiple, diverse job offers with salary & equity numbers upfront. No risk. All reward. Join today!

Android Engineer @ Karma (New York City)

Karma's vision is to make getting online seamless and headache-free by putting WiFi in the palm of your hand. We're looking for our first full-time Android engineer who will have the opportunity to own new features from day one, and build an Android experience that is second to none.


Libraries & Code

davdroid (

DAVdroid is an open-source CalDAV/CardDAV synchronization app for Android 4+

ImageViewZoom (

Android ImageView widget with zoom and pan capabilities



fb-adb (

fb-adb is a tool for interacting with Android systems. It does much of what adb does, but with better remote shell support and, hopefully, fewer bugs.



link image   Filthy Rich [Android] Clients (

Android provides many APIs and capabilities to liven up dull UIs through graphical effects and animations. Come to this session to learn various techniques for making your mobile clients not just rich, but filthy rich.



Droidcon London 2014 (

Be part of Europe’s largest grassroots Android developer conference. Discover the very latest innovations in Android tech and meet the biggest Android names, including keynote speaker Chet Haase from Google. Discount code: ANDROID-WEEKLY-DROIDCON

link image   Android Dev Conference List (

We're working on a conference list for all relevant Android Development conferences around the world. If you want to promote an android development conf, submit the link to it's website in our footer section.