Issue #116

August 24th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Developing a driver assistance system (

In this post by Razvan Ltu you will learn some insights about building a driving assistance app. The app makes a lot of use of the NDK and the OpenCV platform.

Code coverage reports using Robolectric and Android (

On using JaCoCo code coverage reporting framework, which integrates quite nicely with Gradle and Robolectric.

Selecting Items of a RecyclerView using StateListDrawables (

Wolfram Rittmeyer shows how to handle showing selection in the new RecyclerView control.

Programmatically Coloring Drawables (

With the introduction of Android L, developers now have an easy way to change the color of drawables to match the theme of their app. Despite this, many developers will need to support earlier Android versions in their apps, so this article shows a technique for changing drawable asset colors using Picasso for both local and remote assets.

Walk then talk (

Android Developer Advocate Roman Nurik shares his guiding philosophy on developer advocacy.

SimpleNoSQL For Android Released (

Colin Miller announces the release of a new local data framework for Android that he's been working on called SimpleNoSQL. It's an easy way to store and retrieve objects to/from disk without dealing with files or SQL.

SimpleSectionedRecyclerViewAdapter (

Gabriele Mariotti shares a simple implementation of an adapter with section headers for the new RecyclerView.

Developing for Android Wear with Emulators (

Tips to connect Android Wear running as an emulator to an Android Phone, also running as an emulator.

Getting Groovy With Reactive Android (

An article about how the technology team use Groovy and RxJava in their Android app.



link image   View the future in mobile and wireless trends (

Push the boundaries of what mobile can do. See what’s next in mobile imaging, virtual reality gaming, and the Internet of Everything. Qualcomm Developer Network has the support and solutions to help you define the next generation of mobile experiences.



link image   Material design icon fonts (

Here are 5 Material design icon fonts w/ 400+ icons



Android Engineer @ Karma (New York City)

Karma's vision is to make getting online seamless and headache-free by putting WiFi in the palm of your hand. We're looking for our first full-time Android engineer who will have the opportunity to own new features from day one, and build an Android experience that is second to none.

Android @ Expensify (San Francisco, CA)

We've created a cross-platform mobile framework, YAPL, that uses native controls. The Android implementation isn't quite up to our standards and we'd love your expertise to help it get there! With over 2M users, we're looking for an Android developer to help us scale!


Libraries & Code

link image   android-checkout (

Checkout is a library for Android In-App Billing (v3). The main goal is to reduce work which should be done by developers who want to integrate in-app purchases in their products. The project is inspired by Volley library and is designed to be easy to use, fast and flexible.

pixel-dungeon (

Pixel Dungeon is an open source, traditional roguelike game with pixel-art graphics and simple interface.

Announcing Artbook: An Android Client for Dribbble (

Arpit Mathur, author of the open source control FreeFlow, has open sourced his Dribbble artwork viewing app Artbook under the Apache 2 license.



Here comes the Squad leader, to help your ProGuards (

We've all been through the pain of ProGuard breaking your release builds and you've probably been copying your ProGuard config from one project to another carefully. Hugo Visser is releasing a simple library called Squad leader that hopefully helps a bit with this.

Android Studio 0.8.7 Released (

The Google Android Tools team just released Android Studio 0.8.7 to the canary channel. The new version contains a large number of bug fixes, along with a couple of notable new features, including a translation editor and bitmap rendering in the debugger.

Automating ADB over Wi-Fi for multiple devices (

Here is a script by Mike Wallace that will scan through your Android devices that are connected to ADB via a USB cable and then connect them all via ADB over Wi-Fi.

Cleaner Gradle Plugin (

Removes unused resources reported by Android lint including strings, colors and dimensions.



link image   DAGGER 2 - A New Type of dependency injection (

Dagger is a very fast and simple replacement for these FactoryFactory classes in Java. This is the story of another small group of engineers attempting to evolve and improve DI forward yet again with Dagger: a dramatically different reimplementation using generated code.