Issue #120

September 21st, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   How to Create a Menu Like Hello SMS (

This articles shows in code how to recreate the side menu similar to what is in the hello sms app.

Android 64k method limit (

Erik Hellman delves into one of the most severe issues for Android app developers today -- the dreaded 64k method reference limit that exists in the DEX file format.

FragmentArgs (

An article about an annotation processor for removing Fragment arguments boilerplate code.

link image   Building a better Instagram app for Android (

Instagram Engineering spent the last year reimagining and redesigning their Android app to work better for users, no matter what phones they use or where they are located.

Google Play Services 6.1 (

Google Play services 6.1 adds Enhanced Ecommerce analytics support from Google Tag Manager and offers new improvements to the Google Drive Android API. The latest release also includes a refresh of the Google Fit developer preview, so that you can test your fitness apps on any Android device.

RequestHandler API for Picasso library (

RequestHandler is a new public class that can be subclassed by Picasso users to extend the library with custom image loading logic.

Grokking RxJava, Part 1: The Basics (

RxJava is the new hotness amongst Android developers these days. The only problem is that it can be difficult to approach initially. The goal of this three-part series is to get your foot in the door. Dan Lew just want you to become interested in RxJava and how it works.



link image   The Avg. Offer for Android Devs on Hired is $135k! (

Top Android developers are in demand, so we built Hired---the marketplace where companies compete for YOU! You'll get multiple, transparent offers with salary & equity disclosed upfront. You'll decide who you want to talk to. No risk. All reward. Join Hired today!

link image   Optimize app performance and power usage (

Qualcomm® TrepnTM Profiler is designed to let you profile the performance and power consumption of Android apps running on devices featuring Qualcomm SnapdragonTM processors. It’s designed to help optimize code for CPU usage & frequency, memory statistics (virtual & physical) and network usage.



link image   Messaging on Android Wear (

A post on the official Android Developers Blog about how to integrate messaging for Android Wear with your application. If your app has notifications the system does the heavy lifting for you - but it's very interesting to add custom actions or even custom layouts.



Android Engineer - App Annie (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

We are looking for an Android Developer to be at the cutting edge of mobile tech at App Annie, driving forward our presence on Android by developing our portfolio of apps. App Annie is the global industry leader in app store market intelligence and analytics. We'd love to hear from you!

Trello Android Developer (Anywhere, or in our NYC office)

Trello is looking for brilliant developers to help us make our Android app even more awesome. Trello for Android is fully native, minSdkVersion is 15, and we are an Editors' Choice. If you're a RxJava addict with experience making highly interactive applications, come join us!

Software Engineer, Instagram, mobile, Android (Menlo Park, CA)

Our team is expanding and innovating on one of the world's most used and best loved apps. We’re looking for engineers who are product focused, entrepreneurial, passionate about Android, and design-centric who can help us continue to innovate.

Lead Android Engineer - (San Jose, CA)

Great to design/build brand new consumer experience on Android apps. Current apps see 50K+ downloads/day! 30 million unique users/month! * help design & build applications * participate in R&D of highly scalable consumer facing mobile apps * 100% hands on coding Connect with us to learn more.


Libraries & Code

Android-RxJava (

This is a repository with real-world useful examples of using RxJava with Android. It usually will be in a constant state of "Work in Progress"



link image   Introducing Probe (

There is a big gap in terms of development tools for tracking layout traversals and figuring out how your layouts actually behave. This is why Lucas Rocha created Probe.

Clean-status-bar (

Tired of Photoshopping out notifications/low battery to make a nice, clean status bar for the Play Store? Run this app first - it draws over your status bar, showing only a full battery and clock.

Android Studio Tips Of the Day – Roundup #2 (

This is the second roundup of Android Studio Daily Tips by Philippe Breault.

Android Studio 0.8.11 Released (

The Android tools team released Android Studio 0.8.11 to the canary channel, with the numerous improvements, including support for the latest Gradle Android build plugin.

Android Gradle plugin updated (

Some new features include: provide a manifest for test apps, manifest files in Library project can now include placeholders, manifest placeholder can now be setup on Product Flavors and Build Types, and a whole lot more.

Support Annotations in Android Support Library (

As of version 19.1 of the Android support library, there is a new annotations package which includes a number of useful metadata annotations you can decorate your own code with, to help catch bugs.



Enhancing Android UI with Custom Views (

Dave Smith walks you through the process of building custom Views and ViewGroups on Android.



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