Issue #121

September 28th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Deep Dive into Android State Restoration (

Learn about how Android saves state in general in order to be able to restore an application in the exact same state the process was prior being killed because of a low memory condition or a configuration change. In this talk Cyril Mottier mainly focuses on the Parcelable and Parcel objects and how Android uses them to save/restore some important stateful information such as the complete UI state.

Custom Settings Dividers (

In this article, Thomas Devaux shows how to customize dividers in a Settings activity with your brand color.

The death of the refresh button (

Almost every app mobile need to synchronize data with a server and their are many ways to do it : AlertManagers & Services, SyncAdapter, JobScheduler. Mathieu Calba shows how each technique works.

link image   Match Timer – Part 6 (

Previously in this series Mark Allison built a Wear app designed to time football matches. In this concluding article of this series he looks at how to package up the app, and also discover a pitfall on the way.

Grokking RxJava Operator (

In part 1 Dan Lew went over the basic structure of RxJava, as well as introducing you to the map() operator. In this article he goes through an example to introduce you to more operators.

Publish API level specific library implementations to Maven Central (

Jens Driller describes how to build and publish multiple API level specific flavors of a library project to Maven Central.

Advocating Fragment Oriented Applications in Android (

This is a series of 6 blog posts which explains about Fragment Oriented Architecture in Android applications. In this first post, the author explains what is Fragment Oriented Architecture and why you should care.



link image   Get 5 to 15 Android Job Offers in One Week! (

Over 1,200 companies compete for the best Android developers on Hired. You'll receive multiple, transparent offers from top tech companies before you interview. You'll decide who you want to talk to. And once you sign the perfect offer, we'll send you a 2,000 Dollar thank you bonus. Join today!

link image   Power-optimize your app performance (

Trepn™ Plug-in for Eclipse is designed to help you build power- optimized Android apps and integrate directly into your development workflow. This helps you see how much power an app consumes, pinpoint issues, and resolve them quickly. Download our Trepn whitepaper or view this short video.



link image   An example of really bad mobile app design (

Last week, Maybank officially launched their revamped mobile banking app, claiming that it has the best mobile banking experience compared to the previous version. It does seems to have a refreshed design – except it’s probably one of the worst and most unacceptable mobile design that Taylor Link has ever seen.

Android Design in Action: Google I/O 2014 App (

Join Nick Butcher, Roman Nurik and Mike Denny as they discuss various elements of Android Design. This week, they cover the updates to this year's Google I/O conference app.



Remote Developers for Agricultural Tablet App (Boston, Chicago, and New Zealand)

We're looking for more Android developers to help us get a very "real world" problem for the international agricultural industry solved once and for all. This is a rare opportunity to earn equity on a top-notch team with a proven plan at the earliest stages.

Android Engineer (Zurich, Switzerland)

We are looking for experienced Android engineers to join our team in Zurich, as part of Numbrs. Come and help us to revolutionise the banking industry. Zurich is at the technological forefront, much like our cutting edge banking app Numbrs.

Android Engineer - App Annie (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

We are looking for an Android Developer to be at the cutting edge of mobile tech at App Annie, driving forward our presence on Android by developing our portfolio of apps. App Annie is the global industry leader in app store market intelligence and analytics. We'd love to hear from you!

Trello Android Developer (Anywhere, or in our NYC office)

Trello is looking for brilliant developers to help us make our Android app even more awesome. Trello for Android is fully native, minSdkVersion is 15, and we are an Editors' Choice. If you're a RxJava addict with experience making highly interactive applications, come join us!


Libraries & Code

link image   Android-Week-View (

Android Week View is an android library to display calendars (week view or day view) within the app. It supports custom styling.

Android-typeface-helper (

Android lacks proper support for custom typefaces. Most obvious method of defining typeface for UI elements via XML attributes is missing from default framework views. This library makes it a lot easier to set custom typefaces from java code.

Lantern (

A simple Android app to light your way (written in Kotlin)



CCMenu (

CCMenu displays the build status of projects on a continuous integration server as an item in the Mac's menu bar. Or in other words, CCMenu is to OS X what CCTray is to Windows.

Adbkeyboard (

A useful Windows app for forwarding PC keyboard input to a connected Android device over ADB.



Think outside the screen - path-dependent Android development (

Nick Butcher, Android Developer Advocate, shares how to take your Android app to the next level by thinking outside the screen.

Mastering the Android Touch System (

How does Android handle touch? Dave Smith's talk provides an overview of the Android touch framework, gives you an idea of how touches flow through your application, and explains how Android deals with all of these events.