Issue #122

October 5th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Getting Started with the Gamepad Controller for Android TV (

In this post, Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz goes over using the new Android TV controller in the context of a simple (i.e. it works, but isn't polished or something you'd spend hours playing) Asteroids-esque OpenGL game.

Palette – Part 1 (

One of the many additions being introduced in Android-L is a new library for extracting key colors from bitmaps. In this short series Mark Allison will take a look at the new Palette library and write a simple app which will extract key colors from images and display them over the selected image.

Tips for Error Handling with Android Wear APIs (

For developers using the Android Wear APIs in Google Play services, it is important to correctly handle all the error conditions that can occur on legacy phones or when users do not have a wearable device. This post describes the best practice in handling error conditions with the GoogleApiClient connect() method.

A Smart Way to Use Retrofit (

Here's a thorough look at using Square's Retrofit library for your API calls. Many tips and tricks are included.

Ingredients of Awesome app v2 - Droidcon Paris (

Taylor Ling shares some ingredients to make an awesome app.

Grokking RxJava, Part 3: Reactive with Benefits (

In part 1, Dan Lew went over the basic structure of RxJava. In part 2, he showed you how powerful operators could be. Here in part 3 are some of the other benefits that come along with the RxJava framework which should seal the deal.



link image   Optimize rich mobile multimedia performance (

Qualcomm® Hexagon™ SDK is designed to allow deep access for customization of the Hexagon DSP within the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ platform. Tap into hardware-based multimedia features to build a premium, interactive UX in less time versus the time typically spent using source code modification.

link image   Meet 1,300+ Companies in One Week on Hired! (

Wouldn't it be nice if companies applied to you? On Hired, that's exactly how it works. Android developers are in demand, so let us introduce you to 1,300+ companies in one week. Join today.

link image   Building Android Apps Faster with the Parse Cloud (

The Parse Android SDK allows you to store data, manage users, send push notifications, track analytics, and more in just a few lines of code. Focus on your users, not server code with the complete mobile backend solution in Parse.



link image   Understanding Material Design - Part 1 (

Material Design immediately felt so strikingly beautiful and enchanting to Raveesh Bhalla. The developer in him was worried though: he knew immediately that he was going to have a lot of work to do before Google shipped the L Release. However, the designer in him was excited. Material Design felt elegant, polished, yet simple and obvious.

Understanding Material Design - Part 2 (

It’s critically important to understand that Material Design animations and transitions aren’t present just for the glitz. They are governed by a set of guidelines, the goal of which is probably best summarized by one of the Material Design principles. Read on for details from Raveesh Bhalla.



Engineering Manager, Android (Austin, Texas)

As an Engineering Manager for Mutual Mobile’s Android department, you will be a key player in the definition and execution of company goals. You will define strategies to grow and strengthen the Android team. You will be a leader in the development of software projects on the Android platform.

Remote Developers for Agricultural Tablet App (Boston, Chicago, and New Zealand)

We're looking for more Android developers to help us get a very "real world" problem for the international agricultural industry solved once and for all. This is a rare opportunity to earn equity on a top-notch team with a proven plan at the earliest stages.

Android Engineer (Zurich, Switzerland)

We are looking for experienced Android engineers to join our team in Zurich, as part of Numbrs. Come and help us to revolutionise the banking industry. Zurich is at the technological forefront, much like our cutting edge banking app Numbrs.

Android Engineer - App Annie (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

We are looking for an Android Developer to be at the cutting edge of mobile tech at App Annie, driving forward our presence on Android by developing our portfolio of apps. App Annie is the global industry leader in app store market intelligence and analytics. We'd love to hear from you!


Libraries & Code

Android-Wear-Codelab (

Android Wear codelab for the GDG OSU Stillwater: This codelab was developed by Marcus Gabilheri to be used in the GDG OSU Stillwater I/O Extended event.



link image   Android T-Shirt Collection #02 (

Taylor Ling was inspired by Android developers/designers that he met over the past years; every of them are passionate about everything inside the Android - the API, the framework, the design patterns etc., and they always kept reminding me that they are really into it and they are the experts. So this T-shirt is for every one of them - the experts.

Android Auto developer docs show off more UI, detail 3rd-party apps (

Google just released a set of Android Auto developer documents to, detailing more of Google's in-car platform and giving developers a better sense of the system's capabilities.



Android UI Design Patterns & Anti-Patterns (

There's often a communication gap between Android developers and designers. This talk introduces basic UI concepts and reveals the simple patterns that exist within well designed user experiences.