Issue #126

November 2nd, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Implementing material design in your Android app (

Material design is a comprehensive approach to visual, interaction and motion design for the multi-screen world. Android 5.0 Lollipop and the updated support libraries help you to create material UIs. Here’s a rundown of some of the major elements of material design and the APIs and widgets that you can use to implement them in your app.

Being Lazy for Fun and Profit (

As a tester, repeated routines includes downloading a new build from our CI server, uninstalling the build from my test devices (note the plural), launching the app for a specific set of tests or investigations. Russell Collins shares a script that can help automate some of this process.

Coercing Picasso To Play With Palette (

Jake Wharton shares how the Picasso image loading library can be cleanly paired with the new Palette class in the support library.

Material – Part 1 (

Mark Allison is starting a new series of articles, this time about applying Material Design to an application.

Learn Android App Development (

This learning path is a collection of online resources that cover tools and principles for designing and building Android apps. It also covers advanced topics like material design, using sensors, maps and location services, wearables and app distribution on the play store.

Release of RoboGuice 3 (

Mike Burton announced the release of RoboGuice 3, the popular dependency injection framework for Android on  The team has added some new features to RoboGuice 3, but development of this latest version was focused on performance.

The fastest route between voice search and your app (

How many lines of code will it take to let your users say Ok Google, and search for something in your app? As it turns out, hardly any.

Material Design on Android Checklist (

Google shares a material design checklist that you can use to mark progress as you implement the new design system. The checklist is divided into 4 key sections based on the 4 key aspects of material design.



link image   Jam Pack Your Consulting Pipeline! (

Tired of the slow periods in your Android consulting business? Android Leads delivers the best remote opportunities from around the internet to your inbox three times a week. Quit wondering when your next client is going to appear. Sign up for your free trial at today.



link image   The Many Faces Of Google's Hamburger Drawer (

Here's a deep dive into how Google has been delivering the side navigation pattern in the latest Google apps in preparation for the release of Android L.



Freelance with Companies like Airbnb & IDEO. (Anywhere)

Work on special projects with great companies through Toptal. Set your weekly/hourly rate, and work from anywhere in the world as an elite Android developer. See if you have what it takes!

Programmer Extraordinaire (San Francisco )

We are Expensify and we do "expense reports that don't suck"! We are looking for an incredibly hard worker, a cool person to be with, someone who is super talented in a general way and specifically talented in a programming way.

Android Engineer (New York City or San Francisco)

Foursquare is looking for experienced Android engineers to help architect, build and manage both of our mobile applications, Foursquare and Swarm. You'll be part of a fast-paced team driving ongoing product iteration and working in the competitive space of consumer-facing location-based services.

Android Engineer (Zurich, Switzerland)

We are looking for experienced Android engineers to join our team in Zurich, as part of Numbrs. Come and help us to revolutionise the banking industry. Zurich is at the technological forefront, much like our cutting edge banking app Numbrs.

Senior Android Developer (Tysons Corner, VA)

Android App Makers wanted! Come join a team building the next-generation of financial apps for Capital One. If Jelly Bean and KitKat make you think of ViewPagers and Fragments instead of tasty treats, then you need to come check us out! We're looking for developers with 2+ years Android experience.


Libraries & Code

App language localization SDK (

The Transround SDK implements dynamic language resource handling with AOP for Android apps. It is used for on-device app translation and on the fly resource distribution in a free app localization framework and service.



Copresence: Contactless, Cross-Platform Version Of Android Beam (

Copresence, which we saw a glimpse of in a recent teardown, appears to be aimed at letting nearby Android and iOS devices communicate with one another in a variety of ways, exchanging files, photos, directions, messages, or other content, essentially making Copresence a sort of contactless, cross-platform version of Android Beam.

Ars talks to Android execs about the upcoming OS (

Googlers talk future-proofing, Nexus devices, and the always-on voice commands.



Android SVG to VectorDrawable (

Android Lollipop has VectorDrawables, and this tool can convert a simple SVG with only path elements.

New Android Gradle plugin features (

Tor Norbye shares that the new version of the Android Gradle plugin, released today, can automatically remove unused resources.

Android Studio 0.9.0 Released (

Android Studio 0.9.0 released to the canary channel! This release adds support for the new version of the Android Gradle plugin, 0.14.0. In addition, there are a number of bug fixes, particularly in the AVD manager (which now also provides builtin emulator skins for the Nexus devices.)



Which are the top platforms, tools, rev models? (

VisionMobile has just launched their latest Developer Economics survey and is tracking developer trends across platforms, app revenues and dev tools - as well as investigating the emerging IoT market. The key findings from the survey will become available in the form of a free research report in February.