Issue #127

November 9th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   ListPopupWindow graduated to appcompat-v7 (

No more need to try and emulate the look and feel of a popup window with a custom styled and positioned dialog for older platform releases.Chris Banes has "graduated" from the internal package in the latest appcompat-v7.

Is your app in the Google index? (

There are over 1 million apps in Google Play. More and more of them are in the Google index which enables better app discovery and higher user engagement.Try the linked codelab to understand how to implement deep linking within your app. Also learn more about the benefits of app indexing from Jarek Wilkiewicz in the video

RxFy All The Things (

Ever had to deal with terribly designed API or spent hours re-factoring your code to deal with an updated API? You've heard about RxJava but can't see how it could benefit your project? The slides for this talk will take the practical approach of a complex API to explain how RxJava and Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) can be used on every project to make your life easier.

Your Chance to be on (Android) TV! (

Google has launched Nexus Player, the first consumer streaming media player running Android TV. Android TV delivers an entertainment experience tailored for users, including movies, shows, games and more. You can publish your apps for Android TV on Google Play, the largest digital store for apps and games. Here's some guidance on how to get started building great apps for Android TV.

Material – Part 2 (

In this article Mark Allison takes a look at applying some material design principles to the app and also try and make it backwards compatible using the appcompat library.

The Secrets to App Success on Google Play (

Publishing your app on Google Play is a good start, but it’s only the first step to building a sustainable app business. That’s why Google has written “The Secrets to App Success on Google Play,” a detailed guide on the best practices and tools you can use to maximize the reach, retention, and revenue of your new app.

Communication patterns for application components (

In this post Achin Kumar explains the different possibilities how classes can communicate which each other.



link image   Add calling and messaging into your apps with Sinch (

Try our easy to use, powerful calling and messaging SDK to add real time communications to your apps in minutes. Featuring app to phone calling to over 230 countries across the world and app to app calling with data calling, all directly in your Android app! Signup and try us out!



link image   Papercrafting the Unclouded Launcher Icon (

Designer Taylor Ling applies material design guidelines as an exercise to redesign an app icon.

Eliminating Taps with Fluid Touch Gestures (

Getting things done in most mobile applications requires taps -lots of them. But because of discovery issues, mobile designers have tended to shy away from using other kinds of gestures in their UI. Recently, though, a demo of fluid touch gestures by Ralph Thomas got Luke W. excited about gesture-based controls on mobile again.

Material Design Gets More Material (

A few weeks ago, Google published their first significant update to the material design guidelines. They're now addressing even more of the comments and suggestions you’ve provided with another major update to the spec.



Android Developer (Zürich, Switzerland)

Centralway is looking for experienced Android Developers to join our team in Zurich, as part of Numbrs. Come and help us to revolutionise the banking industry. If you thrive in intense, rapidly-changing environments and are fascinated by technology then we look forward to hearing from you.

Freelance with Companies like Airbnb & IDEO. (Anywhere)

Work on special projects with great companies through Toptal. Set your weekly/hourly rate, and work from anywhere in the world as an elite Android developer. See if you have what it takes!

Android Engineer (New York City or San Francisco)

Foursquare is looking for experienced Android engineers to help architect, build and manage both of our mobile applications, Foursquare and Swarm. You'll be part of a fast-paced team driving ongoing product iteration and working in the competitive space of consumer-facing location-based services.

Programmer Extraordinaire (San Francisco )

We are Expensify and we do "expense reports that don't suck"! We are looking for an incredibly hard worker, a cool person to be with, someone who is super talented in a general way and specifically talented in a programming way.

Senior Android Developer (Tysons Corner, VA)

Android App Makers wanted! Come join a team building the next-generation of financial apps for Capital One. If Jelly Bean and KitKat make you think of ViewPagers and Fragments instead of tasty treats, then you need to come check us out! We're looking for developers with 2+ years Android experience.


Libraries & Code

Greenrobot Common (

greenrobot-common provides general purpose utilities for Android and Java projects. Having its root in the early days of Android development, the library is minimalistic, tiny in size (jar < 100k), and focuses on efficiency and performance.

Material Dialogs (

Not even AppCompat uses Material theming for AlertDialogs on pre-Lollipop. This is a beautiful and easy solution.



Building Apps with Over 65K Methods (

Google has delivered a solution for apps with over 65K methods.



link image   Fun With Android Shaders And Filters (

What does it take to make an app from good to great? Attention to detail. In this session Chiu-Ki Chan dives into advanced techniques to customize Paint, the core of Android rendering. With Shaders and Filters, you can fine tune the look-and-feel of your app and delight your user with a polished UI.

FORM SF 2014: Fireside Chat (

What will tomorrow's technology look like, and how will it work? And what role will design play in bringing that technology to life? Matias Duarte, VP of Design at Google, and Joshua Topolsky, Bloomberg Media’s Chief Digital Content Officer, sit down together and discuss these and other thought-provoking topics related to the past, present and future of design and technology.



link image   Which are the top platforms, tools, rev models? (

VisionMobile has just launched their latest Developer Economics survey and is tracking developer trends across platforms, app revenues and dev tools - as well as investigating the emerging IoT market. The key findings from the survey will become available in the form of a free research report in February.



AnDevCon San Francisco Nov. 18-21 (

AnDevCon, Nov. 18-21 in San Francisco, is the world's top Android apps event. Free expo. Last chance to register!