Issue #13

February 5th, 2012


Link Bild New Social APIs (

In ICS Google introduced some new Social APIs. Here is a quick walkthrough on how to use them.

Link Bild Low level image manipulation (

Did you ever wanted to create an Android version of Instagram? Here you can read on how to do low level image manipulation at lightning speed.



Twitter Code For Android Applications(
In Abhinava's blog he shares some code with you and builds a very simple Twitter Client.

Here are some nice extensions to the ViewPager UI Component(


Link Bild Android Dev Camp (

Global Android Dev Camp will take place from 17th to 19th of Feb. They have a new logo and in the last few days more Locations were added.


Berlin: c-base spacestation, Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin(

Brussel: Outpost Brussel, Rue de la Tribune 8, 1000 Brussel(

Düsseldorf: Garagebilk, Bilker Allee 217, 40215 Düsseldorf(

Paris: EIT ICT Labs, 23 Avenue d Italie, 75013 Paris(

San Francisco: Dev Bootcamp, 923 Market St., San Francisco, CA(

Montreal: CRIM, 405 Avenue Ogilvy #101, Montreal, QC H3N 1M3(

There are 50 more locations(
So check the map if your city is missing ;-)


Link Bild Android Income Report #9 (

The latest Android Income Report #9 with some juicy insights on how to monetize apps


Google is planning to add a new layer of security to Android(


Circle of Android Developers(
Paul Bennett put together a curated circle of Android Developers on Google Plus, so if you want to have fresh resources be sure you add this circle.