Issue #132

December 12th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   New Code Samples for Lollipop (

Lot's of new code samples in Android Studio 1.0. Ranging from how to implement a message service til how to use the Leanback library for Android TV.

Implementing Swipe to Refresh (

Introduced alongside KitKat and enhanced with the Lollipop release of the v4 Android support library, a working implementation of the Swipe to Refresh UI pattern is included, called SwipeRefreshLayout.

Building Data Driven Hierarchical Views (

Paul shares a useful technique for simple updates to hierarchies of custom views.

Styling Android » Material – Part 7 (

Mark Allison continues with the transition to RecyclerView and the drag & drop reordering implementation.

Styling Android » Material – Part 6 (

In this part, Mark Allison show an example of how the RecyclerView offers simpler customization over ListViews.

Four Steps to Supercharge Deep Linking for Android Apps (

Here are four simple steps to follow to enable deep linking into your app from Google search results.

Building for Android TV — Episode 2 (

This second article will show a few key aspects that you need to consider if you want to build a custom UI for your TV application.

Google Play services and DEX method limits (

With Google Play services version 6.5 or later, it is possible for you to include Google Play services in your application using a number of smaller client libraries.



Android @ Expensify (San Francisco, CA)

We've created a cross-platform mobile framework, YAPL, that uses native controls. The Android implementation isn't quite up to our standards and we'd love your expertise to help it get there! With over 2M users, we're looking for an Android developer to help us scale!

Senior Android Developer (Wexford, Ireland)

Join Ireland's largest classified websites mobile team, maintaining and improving our android app and mentoring team members, while using the best technologies to develop the fastest growing lifestyle app.

Android Lead Dev for Streak (San Francisco, CA)

Streak (YCombinator 2011) is a Gmail extension dedicated to better email. 200k+ downloads and a 4.5+ rating means we need Android! You'll have 10s of thousands of users from day 1. We're still small so you'll build both the App and your team. Do it your way with no legacy code. Ownership + equity!


Libraries & Code

New in Gilt Tech Open Source (

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Kevin Schultz has just released android-proguard-snippets: Sample ProGuard configurations for common Android libraries.

Collapsing Toolbar Title (

Chris Banes shares an implementation of a collapsing toolbar.



link image   Android Studio 1.0 (

Android Studio 1.0 is out. It's been quite a ride since it was first released to the public one year ago. Grab it while it's hot!

Watch Face API Now Available for Android Wear (

Google announces that the official Android Wear Watch Face API



Meet the new experimental toolchain (

Google introduces new toolchain for Android that’s designed to improve build times and simplify development by reducing dependencies on other tools.

JSON To Java (

JSON To Java as a Service (JTJaaS) is intended to lighten the burden of java developers who need to create POJOs to parallel a JSON API



link image   DevBytes: Watch Faces for Android Wear (

Timothy Jordan introduces the Watch Face API for Android Wear

Inside AdMob: How do you market your app? (

The App Developer Interview Series and App Developer Business Kit are initiatives from AdMob to educate app developers about how to grow their idea into a successful app business. Watch this series of videos to learn more about building, marketing and monetizing your app.