Issue #133

December 21st, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

link image   My Journey to Lollipop Transitions: part 1 (

Linton Ye shares what he's learned about transitions in Lollipop.

Continuous Delivery for Android (part 2) (

The author starts showing a first step in a continuous deliver pipeline: the build server.

RecyclerView Part 2: Choice Modes (

The authoer sets out to bring choice modes and contextual action modes to the RecyclerView

An animated drawable issue in Lollipop (

Dan Lew shares a quick fix for a common issue you may run into on Lollipop devices.

Content Transitions In-Depth (part 2) (

A content transition determines how the non-shared views—called transitioning views—enter or exit the scene during an Activity or Fragment transition. This article takes a closer look at how that happens.

Deep Dive into the AOSP (

Here's a presentation that takes a closer look at the contents of the Android Open Source Project.

Material – Part 8 (

In this concluding article in this series Mark Allison turns his attention to Activity transitions which are an important part of material design as they provide a smooth visual transition between different parts of the app



link image   Material Design Color Palette Generator (

Here's a nice design tool that lets you choose two colors and view them as a material design preview

The shape of materials to come (

The designers at five made four different types of material animations, and determined some rules for each material. In the tradition of Android, they named the materials by candy names – Bubble Gum, Marshmallow, Jawbreaker and Jelly – each one had a distinct behavior that reflected the name

Material Design for Android Developers (

Material Design for Android Developers by Mike Wolfson



Android & Java Course Instructor for Tuts+ (Remote)

Are you an experienced Android Developer? Have you considered sharing your knowledge through teaching online video courses? Work from home in your own time, give back to the community, and get paid a competitive rate to share your knowledge and experience with the millions of students using Tuts+.

Senior Android Developer (Wexford, Ireland)

Join Ireland's largest classified websites mobile team, maintaining and improving our android app and mentoring team members, while using the best technologies to develop the fastest growing lifestyle app.

Android @ Expensify (San Francisco, CA)

We've created a cross-platform mobile framework, YAPL, that uses native controls. The Android implementation isn't quite up to our standards and we'd love your expertise to help it get there! With over 2M users, we're looking for an Android developer to help us scale!

Lead Android Dev for Streak (San Francisco, CA)

Streak (YCombinator 2011) is a Gmail extension dedicated to better email. 200k+ downloads and a 4.5+ rating means we need Android! You'll have 10s of thousands of users from day 1. We're still small so you'll build both the App and your team. Do it your way with no legacy code. Ownership + equity!


Libraries & Code

ParcelableCodeGenerator (

This project is a code generator written in Java used to generate Android code. Given a JSON definition file, it will generate the corresponding Parcelable class.

ContentProviderCodeGenerator (

Given a database schema JSON definition file, it will generate all the code you need to add the corresponding ContentProvider in your project.

Parser (

Parser is the fastest JSON-to-Model object parser that uses annotation processing to generate the parsing for you. It only uses reflection one time and parsing is as fast as writing the code yourself.

kotlin-dagger-example (

This project demonstrate how to setup an Android Project with Kotlin and Dagger 2.



gradle-robojava-plugin (

Robojava is a Gradle plugin that allows simple integration of Robolectric into Android Studio.

link image   Google Cloud Tools for Android Studio (

Cloud Tools for Android Studio puts the power of Google App Engine in the same IDE alongside of your mobile client, giving you all the same Java language tools for both sides of your app, as well as making it far easier for you to keep them in sync as each of them changes.

Android Localizationer (

Android Studio/IntelliJ plugin to translate all your strings in your string resources (e.g. strings.xml) to your target languages automatically. Helps developers localize their Android app easily, with just one click.



Use paper wireframing to build native prototypes (

The Novoda team explains how they build clickable, native prototypes using paper wireframing to test their designs, get feedback faster, rapidly iterate, and save time.

DevBytes: Android Vector Graphics (

Tenghui Zhu presents the VectorDrawable and AnimatedVectorDrawable APIs in Android L, which can provide an easy and compact way to represent the drawables