Issue #135

January 11th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Tips and Tricks for Android Material Support Library (

This article covers how to add backwards compatible Material themes to your app.

How We Created Scalable UI (

Creating responsive UI to accommodate all the different data display variations requires use of multiple different approaches. In this article Juhani Lehtimäki introduces few of the solutions he used to a create scalable UI that works seamlessly across a broad range if Android devices.

InstaMaterial concept - Like action effects (

In part 5 of the series on creating an Instagram-like app with Material design in mind, the author shows how to create effects in feed items which are presented between when a like button is pressed.

How I Made 15,000 Pound From an Android App (

Although this is not an unadulterated success story, this is the biggest hit the author has had on the Google Play Store and there are a ton of lessons to learn from it.

Instrumentation Testing with Dagger, Mockito, and Espresso (

Historically, testing on Android has not been easy, but many awesome projects have emerged which, in combination, have made testing much simpler.

Screenshots Through Automation (

In an app containing lots of screens, it can be painful to manually take screenshots for each release. This article describes an approach at pushing automation into the screenshot process in order to more easily achieve this.

VectorDrawables – Part 2 (

Last week Mark Allison looked at the benefits of VectorDrawables, and now continues with animate them by making the Android logo shrug.

Update to FloatLabelLayout (

Chris Banes decided to spend the evening updating his floating label implementation, FloatLabelLayout, to match the Material Design spec.

Building for Android TV — Episode 3 (

This third article concludes the process of building a custom UI for your TV application. It goes through the rough edges of the interface and the missing elements, in order to replicate the behavior of the stock UI offered by Google as much as possible.

Getting started with Android Studio (

Chuck Greb shares the first steps to help beginners to get started with Android development.



link image   Start the new year with a new job! (

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link image   Chinese Mobile App UI Trends (

Dan Grover started writing a list in his notebook of all the things that are different between apps in China and those he's accustomed to using and creating back in the US.

Android Design – Think Adaptive (

Designer Taylor Ling shares his thoughts on the best approach to designing apps for multiple devices: being adaptive.



Android Engineer (Ann Arbor, MI)

Notion is a mobile startup looking to hire an experienced Android developer. You will be joining a small and ambitious team who's goal is to change the face of messaging.

Senior Android Engineer (Austin, Texas)

You will be a technical lead and mentor. You will guide project teams by creating technical designs, writing user stories, and grooming the backlog. You will promote and champion best technical practices with both our clients and the development team. AND, you get to code!

Engineering Manager, Android (Austin, TX)

As Engineering Manager for Mutual Mobile’s Android department, you will be a key player in the definition and execution of company goals. You will define strategies to grow and strengthen the Android team, and be a leader in the development of software projects on the Android platform.

Software Engineer, Android @ Etsy (Brooklyn)

Etsy is set on redefining what mobile, person-to-person commerce means for the entire world. We’re a mobile first company that is focused on scaling Android and iOS app development throughout our whole organization. 2015 is going to be a huge year for apps at Etsy. Want to be a part of it?

Firefox OS Embedded Software Engineer (France or in Euro countries)

Phoxygen engineering team is looking for experienced Android Kernel engineers to customize and improve the Firefox OS Gonk layer. You’ll be assisting the teams that develop Firefox OS devices which are used by hundreds of thousand of people around the world.


Libraries & Code

Android Libs (

Another good site to find all your favorite android libraries and tools for development. Support your Android community!



link image   Android version distribution in 2014, visualized (

Here's a look at Android's version distribution numbers during all of 2014.



Learn how to performance tune an Android application (

In this presentation, William Donahue iteratively performance tunes a sample application in real time while talking through the thought process and tools used to uncover and fix the issues.