Issue #139

February 8th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   A useful stack on android #1, architecture (

This is the first in a series of articles on how to setup an environment to develop an android scalable, maintainable and testable project, covering some patterns and libraries used.

Crushing Fragmentation using the Factory Design Pattern with UiAutomator (

Russell Collins shares a pattern to help write automation tests that can work well on a wide range of devices.

Floating Action Button – Part 2 (

In this article Mark Allison turns his attention to animating the icon to toggle between two states.

A Look At Android Support Annotations (

The Android tools team introduced some cool annotations you can use in your projects in version 19.1 of the Android support library.



link image   An exploration in Material Design by feedly (

This exploration’s main goal is to create a new version of feedly, fully enhanced with Google’s Material Design to give the feedly team a design direction for future releases.

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 2) (

This second article continues with rules for designing clean and simple UI without needing to attend art school in order to do so.



Foodler Lead Android Developer - Boston, MA (Boston, MA)

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Libraries & Code

The Fastest Android ORM Database Library (

Raizlabs built DBFlow as a more efficient and powerful alternative to existing ORMs, and the results have been outstanding – it’s supposedly the fastest Android ORM database library

RushOrm - Object-relational mapping for Android (

RushOrm for Android (v0.5) replaces the need for SQL by mapping java classes to SQL tables

Beacon-keeper (

The main goal of this project is to create solid and simple library for locating and working with iBeacons for Android.

Android-styled-dialogs (

A backport of Material style dialogs based on DialogFragment. Supports stacked buttons, neutral button, callbacks even after rotation. Contains even more specialized dialogs: List, Progress, Time&Date Picker, Custom, etc.



link image   Interpolator Maker (

Interpolator Maker allows users to visually compare interpolators for Android app animations. If none of the default interpolators meet your requirements, input your own custom interpolator in-app and immediately check the result.

Unit testing support (

Version 1.1 of Android Studio and the Android gradle plugin brings support for unit testing your code. This feature is still considered experimental.

Gce2retrofit (

Generates Retrofit interfaces and related models from Google Cloud Endpoint (GCE) discovery files.



Infinum Android talks (

Interesting talks and mini lectures about new and cool stuff that's going on in the world of Android development, organized by the Infinum Android team