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March 15th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   A useful stack on Android #3: Compatibility (

In this blog post by Saúl Molinero Malvido you'll learn how to deal with SDK compatibility issues.

RecyclerView FastScroll – Part 1 (

RecyclerView does not have fast scroll built in so, in this short series, Mark Allison looks at how to implement fast scroll in RecyclerView

A new reference app for multi-device applications (

Google has released Universal Music Player, a bare-bones but functional reference app that supports multiple devices and form factors in a single codebase including Auto, Wear, and Google Cast devices.

Supporting multiple themes in your Android app (Part 2) (

Second part of supporting multiple themes in your Android app.

Kotlin for Android (I): Introduction (

Java is awesome. But it's also pretty old and a syntax wise very verbose. Kotlin is one of the many JVM based languages that are starting to emerge as a possible Java successor in Android development. In this post you'll learn how to get started with Android Development using Kotlin.

Android MVP - An Alternate Approach (

An interesting approach in implementing the MVP pattern.

How to publish your open source library to Maven central (

You've created something cool and now you want to share it with the world - but you don't know how? In this post you'll learn how to publish your library to Maven central.

Tips and Tricks for Android Material Support Library 2: Electric Boogaloo (

In this post you'll learn how to polish your design and move closer to the Google Material design guidelines.

Going multiprocess on Android (

Sebastiano Gottardo on Android memory constraints and process usage.



link image   New jobs have been foretold on this Ides of March (

Hired gives top Android developers more power in their job search. You'll create a profile & over 1 week tech companies will apply to you! You'll get salary/equity offers upfront & you're under no obligation to accept any offer. Interested? Join Hired today!



link image   Evernote for Android Gets a Material Design Update (

Evernote Android product manager Theresa Pittappilly and designer Adam Glynn-Finnegan to examine the thought behind what’s changed in their latest Material update.

Improve your Cast (

Does your app support Chromecast? If yes (or you're planning to) you should check out these design tips on how to improve your user experience when providing such a feature.



Android Engineer @ Button (New York, NY)

Button is building a smarter, more connected app ecosystem, driving installs & commerce across the on-demand economy. Come join our small, fast-growing team as the first dedicated Android engineer. Build user experiences which will be seen by millions of users in many of our favorite apps!

Senior Android/C++ Engineer (Remote)

We are building PSPDFKit for Android using RxJava & C++14. It's a challenging project that will be used in many apps and there's plenty of work left to be done. We have a talented team, who enjoy the benefits of working in a remote environment. If you're up for a challenge, send us your resume.


Libraries & Code

link image   Floating ActionButton (

Android Floating ActionButton with a progress indicator ring.

Android Shadow Layout (

Android Shadow Layout - because CardView is not enough (e.g. when drawind a circular shadow).

DialogPlus (

Simple, easy dialog solution for Android.

SimpleListView (

SimpleListView has been updated to 1.1.

Godot (

Keep track of how much time you spend on Gradle builds. If you're into that sort of thing that gradle plugin is for you.

Scala API Demos (

Here's the release of another open source project - Scala API Demos, an application written 100% in Scala on Android. Showcasing several examples for different skill levels of Android and Scala Developers. If you want to learn Android using a modern functional language, Scala API Demos is a good way to begin



Apps World North America May 12 -13 San Francisco (

This event will be the hive of interaction and excitement with 11 conferences, 250 + speakers, 350+ exhibitors, 1 to 1 VIP meeting features and parties. Over 10,000+ developers and leading brands will attend, creating the perfect platform to meet the key decision makers of the entire app ecosystem.