Issue #148

April 12th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   How to install different app variants on one Android device (

In this article you'll learn how to install app variants (e.g. for staging or production versions of your app) on the same device.

Pseudolocalization: Visiting Android's Bizarro World (

Times have changed since Dan Lew's last article on pseudolocalization, so here's an update on how easy it is to do now.

Dagger 2 + Espresso 2 + Mockito (

Chiu-Ki Chan shares a demo repo that shows Android instrumentation testing with Dagger 2, Espresso 2 and Mockito.

Announcing Anko for Android (and Kotlin) (

jetbrains announced a library they’ve been working on for Android development on Kotlin, which, among other things allows the creation of Application Interfaces in a type-safe and dynamic way using a DSL.

Introduction to Model-View-Presenter on Android (

This article is a step-by-step introduction to MVP on Android, from a simplest possible example to best practices. The article also introduces the new Nucleus library that makes MVP on Android extremely simple.

Activitys, Threads, & Memory Leaks (

A common difficulty in Android programming is coordinating long-running tasks over the Activity lifecycle and avoiding the subtle memory leaks which might result. In this post you'll learn how to identify and avoid them.

Triumph! Android Studio 1.2 Sneaks In Full Testing Support (

Android Studio 1.2, which is currently in beta, removes any need for third-party workarounds or custom hacks to use Robolectric as a unit testing solution. This article shows how easy it is.

Kotlin for Android (III): Extension functions and default values (

In this blog post you'll learn about Kotlins extension functions.

Against Android Unit Tests (

Matt Dupree launches a series of articles on reframing the approach to automated testing of Android apps.

Retrofit Android Tutorial (

Little tutorial how to use Retrofit to write a Android client for your REST API.

Tasting Dagger 2 on Android (

Fernando Cejas dives into why dependency injection is a useful pattern to implement, and what makes Dagger 2 even better than its predecessor.



link image   Test Your Android Apps for free on Intel Devices (

Ensure your apps run smoothly on Intel Architecture by testing through a virtual testing service. Upload your code, run tests and receive in-depth performance data and reports.



Senior Android Developer // qLearning (Berlin)

You’re a no-bogus software engineer with a passion for writing user-facing code resulting in gorgeous products, a proven track record developing Android apps and a strong interest in assuming a high-impact lead role in a growing engineering team? Apply now! Full job description in the attached link

Android Engineer - Storehouse (San Francisco, CA)

Storehouse is looking for a sharp, creative engineer to pioneer our Android efforts. You will lay the foundation for the project and decide how our app works in fundamental ways. Our team is small and you’ll play a key role in shaping our company, our product, and our culture.


Libraries & Code

link image   WearMenu (

An Android Wear Menu implementation.

Android Segmented Control-View (

An implementation of the UISegmentedControl for Android. It's not a natural Android UI pattern - but if you need it - here is an implementation.

RecyclerView Animators (

An Android Animation library which easily add itemanimator to RecyclerView items.

KAndroid (

Kotlin library for Android providing useful extensions to eliminate boilerplate code in Android SDK and focus on productivity.

FlipViewPager.Draco (

This project aims to provide a working page flip implementation for usage in ListView.

RichEditor (

RichEditor for Android is a beautiful Rich Text WYSIWYG Editor for Android.

SmartTabLayout (

The custom ViewPager title strip which gives continuous feedback to the user when scrolling was update to 1.1.0 this week. Lot's of improvements.



link image   Android Studio 1.2 Beta 3 Available (

Third Beta of Android Studio is out. Grab it while it's hot.



Android Studio Productivity – Custom Shortcuts (

Nice screencast about Android Studio productivity shortcuts.