Issue #15

February 17th, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Drag & Drop in Android 4.0 (

Android 4.0 allows drag and drop of views. Lars Vogel shows you in detail how to do this.


Working With Fragments (
This tutorial shows how to use fragment-based designs to create a modular user interface for both, mobiles and tablets.

Augmented Reality basics: Accessing camera & compass (

Libraries & Code

Another progress visualization (
Todd David has released an UI component that visualizes progress without a progress bar.

Android ORM for SQLite (
GreenDao is an ORM that maps Java classes directly onto SQLite tables. No more tedious SQL wrapping.


Link Bild Chrome beta for Android (

With Chrome for Android Google has released a very fast and solid browser. One benefit for those who do web development is that it's update cycle is now decoupled from the Android OS update cycle.



Android Design Preview (
Romain Nurik has released Android Design Preview, a little utility for Mac/Windows/Linux that'll mirror a portion of your desktop screen (such as your Photoshop canvas) to your USB-connected Android device.

App of the Week

Terminal IDE (
Terminal IDE is an expandable terminal application, with a full Java / HTML / Android development kit, that runs on your Android device.