Issue #152

May 10th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   LeakCanary: Detect all memory leaks! (

An article from Square announcing LeakCanary, an Open Source Java library to detect memory leaks in your debug builds.

Introduction to Android Espresso (

Another in-depth look at getting started with the Espresso testing framework.

Exercise or Games? Why Not Both! (

Google announces the release of Games in Motion, an open source game sample to demonstrate how developers can make fun games using Google Fit and Android Wear.

Kotlin for Android (IV): Custom Views and Android Extensions (

Kotlin makes Android development much simpler and it continues to improve upon its Android compatibility.

How to Make Our Android Apps Unit Testable (Pt. 2) (

Next article in the series on making your Android app unit testable. This second part gets into how to break down your UI components.

Dirty Phrasebook – Part 6 (

Dirty Phrasebook is an app based upon Monty Python’s Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook sketch. In this article in the series, Mark Allison looks at the how Text-To-Speech was implemented in the app.

Custom ViewGroups (

LinearLayout supports almost all (except for wrapping) features of HTML Flexbox. RelativeLayout works as a constraint solver. These layouts are good enough to start with. But do they perform well when your app has complex UI?

Espresso: Custom Idling Resource (

Chiu-Ki Chan shares how you can tell the Espresso testing framework to wait for your application by writing a custom IdlingResource.

Automating Android development — Google Developer Experts — Medium (

As a software engineer, your aim is to automate as many processes as possible. This article puts down in words thoughts about how to efficiently implement CI.

Dagger 2: Even sharper, less square (

It was only a matter of time before version 2.0 of the well-known dependency injection library Dagger hit production and that seemed like a good reason for Mike Gouline to write an article about it.



link image   Simplified Development Workflow with Intel® XDK (

Design, debug, build and deploy HTML5 web and hybrid apps across many app stores and devices. The Intel® XDK provides a simplified workflow to help you get your HTML5 app to market—fast. Click for details.

link image   Want to work on new projects? Increase your pay? (

Whether you're looking for a new job or just testing the water, Hired is there for you. In 1 week you'll get 5+ offers from top tech companies around the US and UK. Want to learn more? Check out Hired today!



link image   Thoughts on Designing for Smartwatches (

Juhani Lehtimäki talks about the effects of smartwatch use in his life. He's been using Android Wear devices daily since the last year's Google I/O.



Agricultural Industry, Remote Developers (Boston, Chicago, New Zealand)

We're looking for 1 more Android developer to add to our growing team. Help us build a cutting edge solution for the international agricultural industry, a rare opportunity to join a top-notch team with a proven plan at the earliest stages. Bluetooth or replicated database systems a plus.

Android @ Expensify (San Francisco, CA)

Join our quest to eradicate the pains of expense reporting! We are looking for self-driven, passionate, and collaborative generalists with a strong Android background to help make the best expense reporting solution out there even better.

Android Engineer (New York / Brooklyn)

At Prolific Interactive, we don’t just build products that work - we care about how they look and feel. That’s why popular brands like Angie's List and Udacity trust us to build their apps. Work here to write beautiful code and be on the front lines of mobile product development and innovation.


Libraries & Code

Carbon (

Material Design implementation for Android 2.1+

Mugen (

Microlibrary for implementing infinite scroll on Android

Material-cab (

A simple library for Android, which replaces the stock contextual action bar to allow more customization.



Droidcon 2015 / Holy sync (

In this talk Eugenio Marletti shows how he solved continuous data availability across devices and Android & iOS platforms using Couchbase Lite.