Issue #159

June 28th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Drag and Swipe with RecyclerView (

There’s actually a really simple way to add drag&drop or swipe-to-dismiss to RecyclerView. It only requires one class, and it’s already part of the Android Support Library.

Enchant your users, without boring them with repetition (

The Android Design Principles have three ideas the author targets here. This article introduces a new library called Quicksand that allows you in your applications to be able to accomplish all three

Design Library – Part 3 (

In previous parts, Mark Allison looked at getting a basic tab bar working and in this article he’ll look at getting some nice toolbar hiding and showing on scroll behavior.

Make your app fancy with few lines of code (

Codelab for Android Design Support Library used in I/O Rewind Bangkok sessions. Article includes steps on how to use the new Material design support library.

Loading data from multiple sources with RxJava (

Dan Lew shares an technique for quickly loading data either from a cache or remote APIs in RxJava.

Why You Should Use a GIT SHA in Your Crash Reporting (

Here’s a quick tip by Donn Felker that can save you a ton of time when you’re performing crash and bug triage with tools like Crashlytics.

Everybody Tests: Boom! Screenshot! (

Russell Collins shares an updated tip to level up your test debugging with RunListener by automatically generating screenshots.

Maps on Android (

Nice article by the Nextdoor engineering team on how to create PolygonActivity that can display InfoWindows on a map.



link image   Discover great job opportunities with Hired (

Whether you're looking for a new job or just testing the water, Hired is there for you. In 1 week you'll get 5+ offers from top tech companies around the US and UK. Want to learn more? Check out Hired today!



link image   Your FAB Icon Might Need Some Optical Alignment (

Taylor Ling found one minor design issue in a well-known app with Material design that might worth a mention – You might manage to figure it out just from the screenshot.



Android Engineer @ Slack (San Francisco, CA)

Slack is looking for people who are passionate about creating great Android applications. Are you as comfortable composing efficient layouts that work well across various screen sizes and densities as you are debugging performance issues in the persistence layer? Then we need you!

Android developer @ The Guardian (London)

Guardian News & Media Ltd are looking for experienced Android Developers who really understand what developing for mobile means. This role represents an exciting opportunity to work for one of the most successful and innovative media organisations in the world.

Android Software Craftsmen (London )

Novoda is a Vibrant App Development Company based in London, Liverpool, Berlin and NYC .If you are passionate about the future of Android interconnected devices we would love to hear from you.

Mobile Development Manager - LivingSocial (Washington, DC, United States)

Lead a talented and dedicated mobile engineering team that creates outstanding mobile web, Android, and iOS applications used by millions. Provide leadership and guidance to ensure team members achieve their potential and continue to advance in their careers. Help attract top-level engineers.

Android Developer @ Badoo (London, UK)

Work on our huge global product with the smartest engineers! We’re looking for an Android Developer to teach and learn within our experienced team, play foosball, build new features, and further refine our product helping people to meet each other globally and locally.


Libraries & Code

Android-TextView-LinkBuilder (

Insanely easy way to create clickable links within a TextView.

Android-ReactiveLocation (

Small library that wraps Google Play Services API in RxJava Observables reducing boilerplate to minimum.



link image   Clean Status Bar (

Tidy up your Android status bar before taking screenshots for the Play Store.



link image   Android Dialogs: Matt Logan (

Chiu-Ki sits down and chats with Matt Logan, Android developer at SocialCode and new Denver transplant

Playful Apps, why and how (

In this talk, you can learn the best practices from a Google Developer Expert on how to use meaningful animations and transitions to capture the attention and retention of your users.

Android Dialogs: Chiu-Ki Chan + Huyen Tue Dao (

For Android Dialogs's first episode, Chiu-Ki and Huyen interview each other so you can get to know your show hosts.

Android Background & Asynchronous Tasks, with Ari Lacenski (

In Android, you shouldn’t do anything that blocks the main thread. But what does that really mean? At a talk presented by the Bay Area Android Dev Group, Ari Lacenski considers the things you need to bear in mind when programming for long-running, potentially complicated tasks in Android applications.



Android TV London Code Lab (

Join this event at Google campus for their upcoming Android TV Codelab on 9th July, 2015 at Campus London. This is a unique opportunity for developers to learn more about how easy it is to develop for Android TV, put the knowledge into practice and get your technical questions answered face to face with Google engineers.