Issue #161

July 12th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Spock Ahoi! (

Writing good tests is a hard, time consuming and confusing task. In this Post Giulio Petek explains how he's tackling the problem.

Java 8 Stream on Android (

How to bring Java 8 data streams to Android.

Drawables in null-safe models (

This article will describe a possible solution to storing an image reference inside a model object using a DrawableSource pattern relying on the "never return null" principle.

Gradle tip #3: Tasks ordering (

This article digs into how can we change tasks execution order in a Gradle script.

Design Support Library (IV): Collapsing Toolbar Layout (

One of the most amazing things about Design Support Library is that we can create lively animated UIs with some simple configuration in XML. No code nor deep control about scrolls is required, so the process becomes really easy.

6 Things I wish I Knew before I Wrote my first Android App (

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind as you’re writing your first Android apps. These lessons are derived from actual mistakes that the author made in his first app.

Design Library – Part 5 (

Mark Allison is taking the RSS Reader app from the Material series, and re-writing it to make full use of the new Design Support Library. In this article he looks at how well the new components introduced in the design support library behave on older versions of Android.

MVPR: A Flexible, Testable Architecture for Android (Pt. 1) (

Presenters and Activities violate the principle of single responsibility. They are often responsible for binding data to a View and for responding to user input/actions. This can cause both Activities and Presenters to become bloated.



link image   Seminar: Securing Your Apps and Your Users (

Every week brings another report of apps leaking data or being attacked. Come to CommonsWare's September 30 seminar in New York City on securing your apps and their users. Learn more about the Android M permission system, on-disk encryption, validating signatures, SSL, device admin APIs, and more!

link image   Don't apply to companies. Let them apply to you! (

In 1 week on the Hired Marketplace, you'll get 5+ offers from top tech companies around the US and UK. Want to learn more? Check out Hired today!



Senior Android Engineer @ Netflix (Los Gatos, CA)

Netflix is an excellent place for developers to work. Our unique culture and exceptional values are helping us to reinvent TV around the globe (150 more countries in 2016). Our top-rated Android app has millions of users daily. We'd love for you to join!

Android Software Craftsmen (London )

Novoda is a Vibrant App Development Company based in London, Liverpool, Berlin and NYC .If you are passionate about the future of Android interconnected devices we would love to hear from you.


Libraries & Code

TourGuide (

TourGuide is an Android library. It lets you add pointer, overlay and tooltip easily, guiding users on how to use your app

ProcessPhoenix (

Process Phoenix facilitates restarting your application process. This should only be used for things like fundamental state changes in your debug builds (e.g., changing from staging to production).

Mortar-architect (

Mortar Architect provides a flexible stack for navigating and displaying views and their presenters, using the MVP pattern with Mortar

ThreeTenABP (

JSR-310 was included in Java 8 as the java.time.* package. It is a full replacement for the ailing Date and Calendar APIs in both Java and Android. This library makes the JSR-310 Java 6 backport Android friendly.



link image   M Developer Preview Gets Its First Update (

Google has released an update to the M Developer Preview that includes fixes and updates based on your feedback.



Giffify - easily create optimised GIFs from a video (

Sebastiano Poggi cooked up a small gist that will help you turn your device screencasts into GIFs that you can use into PRs, on the web, etc.

Easily inspect your SQLite database on Android (

This small shell script will copy the database from your device on your file system and then launch SQLiteBrowser on it, allowing you to inspect your tables very quickly.

Android Studio with Android NDK Preview Support Available (

The Android Tools team just released Android Studio 1.3 RC 1 to the canary channel, which includes the preview of Android NDK C/C++ support!



link image   Android reactive programming with RxJava (

Ivan Morgillo's talk from droidconDE 2015 is a practical journey from basic Reactive Programming and Observer Pattern concepts to the main feature of RxJava, with practical code examples and a real-world app.