Issue #162

July 19th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Prism Fundamentals – Part 1 (

In this series of articles Mark Allison covers the various aspects of prism, an all-new dynamic theming library for Android, to enable you to make use of it and even extend it yourself to meet the requirements of your project.

Android Lint Summary (

View your Android lint issues with style.

Exploring the new Android Permissions Model (

The approach to permissions for both users and developers is changing with Android M. Here we take a look at how they’ve changed, how this affects the user experience and what we need to do to implement this new model.

Android Networking I: OkHttp, Volley and Gson (

In this article we'll talk about a particular solution: OkHttp, Volley and Gson.

A First Glance at Stetho tool (

Gabriele Mariotti spend some time with Stetho, a sophisticated debug bridge for Android applications, and gives a short insight about it.

Architecting Android - The evolution (

Fernando Cejas will give you another taste of what he considers a good approach when it comes to architecting modern Android applications.

Improving Your Code With Android Support Annotations (

Michael Evans will go over few annotations to give you an insight about how they will help you catch bugs in your apps.



link image   Android Developers are in-demand! (

Hired gives top Android developers more power in their job search. You'll create a profile & over 1 week tech companies will apply to you! You'll get salary/equity offers upfront & you're under no obligation to accept any offer. Interested? Join Hired today!



Android Engineer #praiseduarte (Minneapolis, MN & Chicago, IL)

You'll be using the latest APIs released from Google and also have the opportunity to take on stretch assignments to help you reach your personal development goals. Projects involve hardware integration, bluetooth LE, location services, social media integrations, and more.

Android Developer @ (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Join to improve the best travel app - is the biggest accommodation reservation platform with 850 000 reservations made daily - there are challenges to accept!

Android Engineer (San Mateo, CA)

Reveal is the "Ask Me Anything" social network powered by cryptocurrency. We are a small team from Stanford, and growing quickly. If you enjoy building beautiful apps (inside and out) we'd love to hear from you.

Senior Android Engineer @ Netflix (Los Gatos, CA)

Netflix is an excellent place for developers to work. Our unique culture and exceptional values are helping us to reinvent TV around the globe (150 more countries in 2016). Our top-rated Android app has millions of users daily. We'd love for you to join!

Android Software Craftsmen (London )

Novoda is a Vibrant App Development Company based in London, Liverpool, Berlin and NYC .If you are passionate about the future of Android interconnected devices we would love to hear from you.


Libraries & Code

link image   GlidePalette (

Android Lollipop Palette is now easy to use with Glide

Paginize (

Paginize is a light-weight application framework for Android.

Awesome Android UI (

A curated list of awesome Android UI/UX libraries

MultiViewPager (

The MultiViewPager is an extension of the support-v4 library's ViewPager that allows the pages to be wider or narrower than the ViewPager itself. It takes care of aligning the pages next to each other, and always keeping the selected page centered.

Pocketknife (

Intent and Bundle utility for Android

Fontinator (

Fontinator by Sven Nähler is an Android-Library make it easy, to use custom Fonts.



link image   Developing Hardcore Android Wear Apps (

Ever wondered how to develop apps for Android Wear? Pixplicity Talks got your back.