Issue #163

July 26th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Drag and Swipe with RecyclerView (

This article will expand on the previous article, adding support for grid layouts, “handle” initiated drags, indicating the selected view, and custom swipe animations.

Prism Fundamentals – Part 2 (

Mark Allison continues with his series on Prism – an all-new dynamic theming library for Android.

link image   Squeezing your Gradle builds (

Saúl Molinero shares some great Gradle tips and tricks.

Dude, Where's My char[]? (

When Android M preview 2 was released, there were reports of LeakCanary crashing when parsing heap dumps. LeakCanary reached into the char array of a String object to read a thread name, but in Android M that char array wasn't there anymore!

Glide – How Yelp’s Android App Loads Images (

Engineers at Yelp explored several solutions to the problem of downloading and handling several images in parallel, and ultimately decided that Glide provided a great combination of performance, ease of use, and a robust feature set.

My verdict for unit testing on Android (

Matthias Käppler's verdict for unit testing on Android: it's 2015, and it's still somewhat broken. Perhaps not as broken as it used to be, but still broken in some really fundamental ways.

Overview of the Android Design Support Library (

Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz gives a visual overview of the controls provided by the Design Support library.

How to test a watch face? (

Chiu-Ki Chan created an Android Wear watch face that shows the time with a different cat depending on how many steps you walked that day. How do you test something like that?

InstaMaterial meets Design Support Library (

In this post the author updates his InstaMaterial source code from custom views implementatations to those provided by Google's Material support library.

Making a TDD-based HackerNews client for Android (

This post (and the ones that will likely follow it) share a little bit about some of the techniques used to follow a TDD-based workflow for developing a Hacker News client application.

Android Databinding: Goodbye Presenter, hello ViewModel! (

The author illustrates the change from MVP to MVVM via Google's new Data Binding support, using Hannes Dorfmann’s illustration from the introduction of his Ted Mosby framework



link image   Get 5+ Job Offers in One Week! (

Hired gives top Android developers more power in their job search. You'll create a profile & over 1 week tech companies will apply to you! You'll get salary/equity offers upfront & you're under no obligation to accept any offer. Interested? Join Hired today!



link image   Make the right FAB (

After some analysis on the FABs in some apps using the latest L release, UX GDE Taylor Ling is surprised to find the huge inconsistence in the implementation of FAB, even in Google's apps.



Android Software engineer (London)

Own and build new features on the Peak Android app Solve challenging client performance and scaling issues Use expert knowledge of the Android platform to help guide design and engineering decisions Improve unit testing and continuous integration processes

Software Engineer Android (m/f) (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Rheinfabrik is hiring! Founded in 2012, Rheinfabrik, located in Düsseldorf, Germany, produces high-quality mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Since 2015 Rheinfabrik is the exclusive solution partner for trivago, the worldwide leading hotel search and price comparison engine.

Android Developer @ (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Join to improve the best travel app - is the biggest accommodation reservation platform with 850 000 reservations made daily - there are challenges to accept!


Libraries & Code

Dart (

In Dart 2.0, the team added new module is called Henson, which is an annotation processor that helps you navigate between activities.

Retroauth (

Android library build on top of retrofit, for simple handling of authenticated requests



link image   Lighting the way with BLE beacons (

Google is expanding the range of use cases for beacon technology by publishing a new and open format for BLE beacons that anyone can use: Eddystone. Eddystone is robust and extensible: It supports multiple frame types for different use cases, and it supports versioning to make introducing new functionality easier

Connect With the World Around You Through Nearby APIs (

Nearby provides a proximity API, Nearby Messages, for iOS and Android devices to discover and communicate with each other, as well as with beacons.



Smartphone Test Farm (

Control and manage real Smartphone devices from your browser.



Android Dialogs: Richa Khandelwal (

While in Mountain View, Chiu-Ki takes some time to talk to Richa Khandelwal, Senior Software Engineer at Coursera, about Android and VIPER.



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