Issue #170

September 13th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Layout animations on RecyclerView (

Antonio Leiva has been amazed by the Material Design diagonal animation that populates the activity from top to bottom and from left to right. Here he presents a technique to duplicate the effect.

Why You Should Care about Your Android App's Performance (

Here are some statistics about why your apps' startup performance is so important.

When too many words in a slide can play in your favor (

Marcos shares how he prepared for his presentation at Droidcon NYC.

link image   Exploring Chrome Customs Tabs on Android (

Joe Birch takes a look at what the new Chrome Custom Tabs library does and how we can use it to provide an improved User Experience when web content is displayed within our applications

Using the Nearby Connections API (

Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz introduces the Nearby Connections API, one of the many APIs available in Google Play Services.

Flowchart for background work, alarms, and your app (

What alarm type and API should you use for your app or are alarms even the best option? Ian Lake goes through some of the factors that should influence your opinion.

Party tricks with RxJava, RxAndroid & Retrolambda (

A quick intro to RxJava, RxAndroid with lots of code snippets.

AO(sp)y Episode 2 - Lambdas (

Kiran Rao peeks into random commits on AOSP and try to predict what's coming to the world of Android development. This week's headline (future) feature is what the title says - lambdas!

RxJava with AIDL Services (

Donn Felker shows how using RxJava with AIDL Services will help us clean up the interface to consume the AIDL service – making it easier to work with.

Android Developers Backstage: Episode 34: Really Nearby (

In this podcast, Tor Norbye and Chet Haase chat with Andrew Bunner and Akshay Kannan from Google's Nearby team

Sketchnotes 2015 (

Chiu-Ki Chan posts all of her conference sketch notes from 2015.

Google Proximity Beacons - Part 2 (

In this second part, Dave Smith dives deeper into the client side of Google's Proximity Beacon API.

Data Binding – Part 1 (

At Google I/O 2015 the all new Data Binding library was announced and in this series Mark Allison takes a look at the library and explore some of the powerful features it provides.

Don't use dynamic versions for your dependencies (

Dan Lew makes some excellent points as to why you shouldn't use dynamic version numbers for your dependencies.



link image   Build offline-first Android apps with Contentful (

When content is not hardcoded, it's a pleasure to maintain. Contentful delivers managed content into mobile apps via its JSON API. It's focused on making development simpler: See the library for out-of-the-box content sync on Android via the link below. We invite you to try Contentful, the most developer-friendly CMS.

link image   Mobile Analytics You Don't Need to Analyze (

Answers lets you understand exactly how users are behaving within your app and what's actually important within your data - all in real time. Trusted by Spotify, Buzzfeed and other top apps on Google Play, Answers processes over 5 billion events per day. Get started with Answers today - it's free!

link image   Intel® Android Training Creates Better Experiences (

Save time and target your app to multiple platforms and architectures with tools from Intel®. Easy-to-follow training videos offer tips, while added resources let you learn more.



Android Developer (NYC or Boston)

We’re looking for experienced Android developers with proven chops building Android apps and work experience with multi-developer projects. In this role at Fuzz, you will lead and shape Android apps covering a vast array of functionality for a variety of companies, from start-ups to the Fortune 100.

Mobile Engineering Manager @ Spotify (New York)

We are looking for a Mobile Engineering Manager that will join the Monetization department, which focuses on free tier monetization, ads infrastructure and promotion. You will be leading the team that drives mobile product development across all the teams to support revenue generation.

Android Engineer @ Spotify (New York, New York)

We are looking for thoughtful, well-rounded Android engineers to join our team and help build an application that millions of people use every day to discover and listen to music. You will play a leading role in our mobile engineering practice and implementing new features.

Android Developer (Philadelphia or NYC)

We're looking for engineers to join our 4-person Android team in Philadelphia or New York City. We work closely with design and product teams to build apps that offer an amazing video streaming experience to all our users on various form factors - phones, tablets & TVs. Come join us at DramaFever!

Senior Android Engineer - Help us build an SDK! (Remote)

We're providing the engine for thousands of apps like Dropbox and are used in the Cockpits of Lufthansa or the London Underground. PSPDFKit will be be one of the most interesting and complex projects you've worked on so far. We have a talented team and are looking to grow.


Libraries & Code

HomeMirror (

Android application powering the mirror in my house

Telescope (

A simple tool to allow easy bug report capturing within your app.

ksoap2-android 3.5.0 released (

ksoap2 library for Android has reached a 3.5 release with lots of updates.



link image   Play Games Loot Drop for Developers (

Google is expanding Player Analytics with two new analytics reports that give you better visibility into time-based player activity and custom game events. They’re also introducing a new Player Stats API to let you tune your game experience for specific segments of players across the game lifecycle.



link image   LayerVisualizer (

A simple web-based 3D layer visualizer (useful for visualizing material UIs and other things involving depth/shadows) from Roman Nurik.

RxMarbles (

Interactive diagrams of Rx Observables



Android Dialogs: Marcos Paulo Souza Damasceno (

The day before Droidcon NYC, Huyen and Marcos Paulo Souza Damasceno (Android developer extraordinaire and co-organizer of Droidcon Montreal) chat about Android animations and Droidcon Montreal (and its food).

Android Dialogs: Haley Smith (

Haley Smith from Slack gives us a sneak peek of her Droidcon NYC talk on accessibility. Low-hanging fruits abound!



Droidcon San Francisco (

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