Issue #171

September 20th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Getting more women speakers at tech conferences (

Thanks to Corey Leigh Latislaw, Chiu-Ki Chan and others, 22 percent of the speakers at a recent Android conference in New York were women. Here a four lessons learned to help when planning your next conference.

Understanding what Doze mode means for your app (

Marshmallow introduced a new way for devices to preserve battery life by going idle. As an app developer, this means that there is now a difference between your app falling out of the foreground and the device itself being idle.

How to Make Your Application Fluid (

It’s important to continuously measure your app’s performance to detect when your app underperforms. Once a performance issue is detected, you should focus your energy on finding the root of the issue.

link image   Testing Intents with Espresso Intents (

Because some apps run outside your application itself, you can’t use Espresso to interact with them. So how can you test your app’s behavior? You can use Espresso-Intents.

Unit Testing RxJava Observables and Subscriptions (

RxJava is asynchronous by nature, so unit testing it might seem a daunting at first, especially if you use that asynchronous interaction to test stuff. Luckily, RxJava (and RxAndroid) come with a couple of tools that will make our life a lot easier.

Getting Started: Configuring Mac for Android (

This post will walk you through configuring your Mac for Android development

The State of ASLR on Android Lollipop (

Investigating the state of ASLR on Android, how Zygote breaks it, and how Copperhead fixed it in their ROM.

Data Binding – Part 2 (

Mark Allison continues this series, taking a look at what the Data Binding library is doing for us and how it actually works.

Telltale Games share their tips for success on Android TV (

This is another post in Google's series featuring tips from developers finding success on Google Play. This week, they’re sharing advice from Telltale Games on how to create a successful game on Android TV.



link image   Automate CI Builds and Tests for Your Apps (

Check out for easy cloud CI for native Android apps. Build, test & deploy across multiple platforms & devices. Ship supports Gradle, the latest Android OS & more. Special $100 credit for our Android Dev Weekly friends. Enter promo code androiddevweekly after signing up!

link image   Magnet Mobile App Challenge Hackathon (

Here's your chance to win a prize in our Hackathon-by using an innovative new open source messaging platform to create highly interactive mobile apps. Join the Magnet Message Hackathon, add powerful messaging features to your app in a snap, and submit your masterpiece(s) by October 26. Get started today!

link image   Mobile Analytics You Don't Need to Analyze (

Answers lets you understand exactly how users are behaving within your app and what's actually important within your data -- all in real time. Trusted by Spotify, Buzzfeed and other top apps on Google Play, Answers processes over 5 billion events per day. Get started with Answers today -- it's free!



Welcome to DESIGN NOTES (

Design Notes is a new podcast by designer Liam Spradlin, focused on talking to developers and designers about the projects they're working on (or worked on) that excite them.

Overhauling the Twitter Experience on Android (

Chris Basha created a full re-design of the Twitter app in this exercise. This is a peek at what goes into designing an app.



Android Developers at X-Team (Remote)

We're looking for developers with extensive knowledge of Android. The perfect candidate would be highly skilled in different frameworks and libraries. We are 100% remote and we provide the funding needed to help you achieve your goals and grow as a remote developer.

Android Developer (Columbus, Ohio)

Rapidly growing Columbus based software firm looking for an Android Developer to become part of our software products team. We are in the fast paced mobile healthcare software space working with industry leaders using our products for innovative deliveries. Full time team local team members only.

Android Developer (Munich, Germany)

We are looking for an Android developer with experience to work as a member of an agile software development team. You will be responsible for the design and the implementation of our Native App for Android

Android Developer (Philadelphia or NYC)

We're looking for engineers to join our 4-person Android team in Philadelphia or New York City. We work closely with design and product teams to build apps that offer an amazing video streaming experience to all our users on various form factors - phones, tablets & TVs. Come join us at DramaFever!

Senior Android Engineer - Help us build an SDK! (Remote)

We're providing the engine for thousands of apps like Dropbox and are used in the Cockpits of Lufthansa or the London Underground. PSPDFKit will be be one of the most interesting and complex projects you've worked on so far. We have a talented team and are looking to grow.


Libraries & Code

AndroidAppCrashFlowChart (

A flow chart to help the modern Android dev solve crashes. This is what open source is all about, collaboration, so please submit your pull requests.

Material-Animations (

A huge code sample that demonstrates the three main types of animations that can be done via the Android Transition Framework.



link image   New Android Marshmallow sample apps (

Three new Android Marshmallow sample applications have gone live this week. As usual they are available directly from the Google Samples repository on GitHub or through the Android Studio samples browser.



link image   New version of the Android Testing Support Library (

Google has just released a new version of the Android Testing Support Library, with updates and bug fixes for Espresso and more.

Android Feature Graphic Generator (

The Android Feature Graphic Generator allows you to easily create a simple yet attractive feature graphic for your Android application. It will generate a PNG image file according to Google's guidelines.

Released Android Studio 1.4 release candidate 1 to the canary channel (

Google has just released Android Studio 1.4 release candidate 1 to the canary channel (and beta 4 to the beta channel).



link image   Android Dialogs: Sebastiano Poggi (

What are all these "tools" attributes in XML, and how does Android Studio use it? Learn about the Android support tools from Sebastiano Poggi, Android craftman from Novoda and Android GDE.

Get Your Act Together with CoordinatorLayout (

In this screencast, Dave Smith teaches the basics of how Android's CoordinatorLayout behaviors are used, and methodologies for creating custom behaviors.



Developing for 64-bit Android on ARM (

Developers from ARM's Systems and Software Group and trainers from ARM's Partner Enablement Group will deliver key information and training to get you up to speed with the state of the art in support for Android on 64-bit ARM platforms. We'll cover details of the 64-bit ARMv8-A architecture and instruction set, the development environment, and we'll be giving key advice on porting your native code to 64-bit.