Issue #174

October 11th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Intro to Functional Reactive Programming (

In this talk from Droidcon NYC 2015, Juan Gomez explains why you should use FRP, and covers three main topics: reactive extensions, observers & descriptions, and intermediate topics around RxJava.

10 reasons (plus one) to try Kotlin on Android (

10 reasons (plus one) to try Kotlin on Android. I guess that makes it 11 reasons.

Sharing files on Android in a world with runtime permissions (

There are some growing pains we're going to experience while upgrading to runtime permissions.The most painful one that Dan Lew has run into so far is sharing files.

Runtime Permissions, Files, and ACTION_SEND (

There has been pressure over the past couple of years for developers to move to content:// Uri values instead of file:// Uri values, particularly for things like ACTION_SEND. Android 6.0’s runtime permission system increases that pressure a bit further.

Why use Observable.create() and not just inherit from Observable? (

When starting to use RxJava you have to create Observables. They are at the very core of RxJava. But how to do so?

Data Binding – Part 5 (

Mark Allison has covered some pretty useful aspects of Data Binding so far but there is a feature that makes it even more powerful still: Observables.

Retrofit 2 — Upgrade Guide from 1.9 (

This guide will help you push your app to the next version of Retrofit since there are multiple breaking changes when jumping to the upcoming version 2.

Intent Resolving in Android M (

Warning! Resolving of “Implicit Intent”s in Android Marshmallow is not working as the same as before. This may break your app’s behavior.

Lazy Loading Dex files (

Here's a set of tips from Carlos Sessa about MultiDex and ways to alleviate the startup time increase that it can bring.

Getting Started With Google Maps for Android: Intermediate (

In this tutorial, you will expand on what you learned in the previous article in order to lay views on top of a map, override the indoor level selector controls, and add a Street View component to your applications.

Kotlin: A New Hope in a Java 6 Wasteland (

In this talk from Droidcon NYC 2015, Michael Pardo introduces Kotlin: a statically typed JVM language backed by JetBrains. With features like lambdas, class extensions, and null-safety, it aims to be concise, expressive, and highly interoperable.

Espresso: Save and restore state (

Do you save and restore state of your activities, fragments and custom views? Do you test them? One way to test saving and restoring state is to rotate the screen in your Espresso test.

Remedying Android’s method limit - Part 2 (

In this part Matthias Käppler shares an alternative option for dealing with dex method count issues: using multiple DEX files.



link image   Faster content load times with PacketZoom's SDK (

PacketZoom offers a protocol based technology service - designed specifically for native mobile apps. Seamlessly continue downloads as users move between networks. We focus on speed, so you can focus on content. You need PacketZoom's SDK for your app, download easily from our website today.



link image   Stop Gratuitous UI Animation (

This mini essay will explore the over use of animation in UI design, show comparisons with early visual design and offer some suggestions for effective GUI motion design.

Your UI isn’t a Disney Movie (

One of the clearest signs of a competent UI designer is restraint. It’s about knowing the capabilities of your chosen platform and then not using them (until the perfect opportunity arises).



Android Developer (New Zealand, Chicago, Boston)

OFI is seeking 1 more experienced Android developer looking for a hit "side project". We are launching a disruptive solution for the ag industry in Q1/16. You'll need to commit 12hrs/wk for 2-3 yrs in exchange for an ownership stake and profit sharing. Will share financial details if qualified.

Android Engineer - Build an SDK (Anywhere)

Want to work with cutting-edge technology and a motivated, talented team? You speak Java but are not afraid of touching C++ as well? You love reactive programming? You enjoy API design and building something that is used by millions of people? Come work with us!


Libraries & Code

Screenshot-tests-for-android (

Automated testing that helps prevent visual regressions in Android apps

Dexcount-gradle-plugin (

A Gradle plugin to report the number of method references in your APK on every build.

RxPermissions (

This library allows the usage of RxJava with the new Android M permission model.



link image   Crystal CLI (

Autocode generates code for any software - any languages, frameworks, libraries, applications, platforms, runtimes, servers, datastores and files.



Keeping Your Android App Popular After Launch (

You’ve launched your app and it’s doing well. So, how do you maintain that momentum and ensure that your app keeps gaining in popularity?


Videos & Podcasts

Streamlining Android Apps: Eliminating Code Overhead (

Jake Wharton's talk focuses on techniques that both libraries and applications can implement to ensure their effect is in general without overhead.

Effective Java for Android developers : Item 3 (

In this mini Fragmented episode of the “Effective Java for Android developers” series, the team introduces the third Item: Enforce the Singleton property with a private constructor or an enum type.