Issue #176

October 25th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Android M: What’s that “Broadcast Tile” for? (

If you’ve spent any time poking around the System UI Tuner on Android M, you’ve likely noticed the option to add a “Broadcast Tile” to Quick Settings. The article shares some code samples about how to make use of it.

Android Basic Project Architecture for MVP (

Here's another article describing the Model-View-Presenter approach to Android development.

Material ProgressBar (

Mark Allison's challenge was to come up with a lightweight approximation of the material ProgressBar which would work on older devices. In this post he’ll take a look at the solution to that problem.

link image   Testing the Geofencing API (

Etienne Lawlor found the existing set of tools to test the Geofencing API lacking. This is how he ended up testing the Geofencing API.

What is all this Clean Architecture jibber-jabber about? (

The author describes what he's found implementing a new architecture's solution called Catan Architecture, a hexagonal architecture for Android.

Using hardware layers to improve animation performance (

During animations your views may be redrawn each frame. If you use view layers, instead of having to redraw each frame, views render once into an off-screen buffer which can be reused.

Build Material Design App with Design Support Library (

Here's a new CodeLab from Google that walks you through implementing Material Design in your app.

Google Maps No Longer Requires Storage Permission! (

From the next release of the Google Play services SDK, the requirement for the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission will be completely dropped from the Google Maps Android API.

Sustainable Android Tests with Page Objects (

When writing tests for your application's user interface, you will quickly recognize that the same actions are often repeated multiple times. As is always the case in software development, we can address the problem of leaking implementation with another layer of abstraction called Page Objects.

The Fabulous Goes Material (

After 264 emails with tons of exchanges, 200+ mock screens, 30+ interaction prototypes, Taylor Ling has released a new app. This articles describes some of that process.

Advanced RxJava: ConnectableObservables (part 1) (

We learned about constructing cold (i.e., range) and hot observables (i.e., UnicastSubject) but nothing specific so far about how to convert between the two. Here's an article that describes the process.

Android Development Tidbits // No. 2 (

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Android Tidbits series!



link image   New Activity Recognition SDK - 4x as fast/accurate (

If you use Android Activity Recognition check out the free PathSense SDK that is 4x as fast and more power efficient than Google's homegrown solution. A complete drop-in solution for the Google Play Services Activity Recognition. Join their beta now.



(Senior) Android Developer (Berlin, Germany)

We're looking for an Android Dev who wants to take serious responsibility and independence with decision making. Apply and join a diverse, smart and friendly bunch of people working on a great product in Berlin.

Android Engineer - Build an SDK (Anywhere)

Want to work with cutting-edge technology and a motivated, talented team? You speak Java but are not afraid of touching C++ as well? You love reactive programming? You enjoy API design and building something that is used by millions of people? Come work with us!


Libraries & Code

link image   Fontbinding (

A full example of custom fonts in XML using data binding and including font caching.

FlowingDrawer (

Swipe right to display drawer with flowing & bouncing effects.

Lobsterpicker (

Lobsterpicker is a library for android material design made to support apps and developers if a color should be choosen by a user.



link image   Android Development Immersive (

Google announced that they have teamed up with General Assembly (GA) to create a new Android Development Immersive training course.



An IntelliJ / Android Studio plugin for WiFi connected devices (

Here's a new open source IntelliJ / Android Studio plugin to deploy, run and debug your Andorid apps over WiFi (without a USB cable connected) pressing only one button.

ViewInspector (

Combines several useful tools like Scalpel and Probe into a view inspection toolbar for android development.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Big Android BBQ 2015 (

The Big Android BBQ (BABBQ) is a developer event like no other; an Android combo meal that delivers super-sized portions of education and entertainment. Here's the playlist of all the published videos from the event.

IntelliJ IDEA Tips and Tricks (

Here are many tips and tricks for using IntelliJ IDEA (and Android Studio) to help you be quite productive. I would say it is a plethora of tips & tricks.

Going Reactive, An Android architectural journey (

Matthias Käppler gives an overview of what our Android application architecture has evolved into, and how the use of RxJava for dealing with asynchronous streams of events has impacted its design, from data sources, to business logic and presentation.

Android Dialogs: Annyce Davis (

Annyce Davis works on video on the Washington Post app. Hear her talk about playing video on Android, build flavors, clean architecture, testing and public speaking

Design notes with Arthur Bodolec (

This week Liam Spradlin talked to Arthur Bodolec, Design Co-founder of Feedly!



AnDevCon, November 14-16, San Francisco (

AnDevCon is the leading technical conference for software developers building Android apps, including for the enterprise, commercial software companies, or hot start-ups. Each event hosts software developers and more than 30 exhibitors, all 100% focused on Android development