Issue #178

November 8th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   The Perils of Loading Native Libraries on Android (

Nice review on how to deal with native libraries on Android. Since the Android PackageManager's native library loading is unreliable they created a more robust solution called "ReLinker" - check it out in the "Libraries and Code" section.

Performance ListViews (

A quick reminder on how to write optimal ListView adapter code.

AppBar – Part 2 (

In part 2 of this series, the next thing Mark Allison turns our attention to is changing the feature image in out collapsing Toolbar when the user swipes between pages in the ViewPager.

link image   Debugging RxJava on Android (

Fernando Cejas walks you through the way he debugs RxJava Observables and Subscribers.

Sharing code between unit tests and instrumentation tests (

An excellent tip from Dan Lew on sharing code between unit and instrumentation tests.

On Activities using Theme.NoDisplay (

Dianne Hackborn from the Android platform team describes the new requirement to immediately finish an activity if using Theme.NoDisplay.

Fixed aspect ratio with the Percent Support Library 23.1 (

In the 23.1 release of Percent Support Library, it gained the ability to set a custom aspect ratio via app:layout_aspectRatio.

Converting Plaid to Kotlin: Lessons learned (

Antonio Leiva converted the HomeActivity of the recently release Plaid demo app to Kotlin and wanted to compare the resulting code, what things are drastically improved.

What is all this Clean Architecture jibber-jabber about? - Part 2 (

In this post, Pablo Guardiola mentions some layered architectures, explaining what they have in common and their advantages and disadvantages. He also describes Hexagonal Architecture and some of its potential downsides.

The build.gradle ubiquity (

The syntax apply from: allows you to inject Gradle scripts from files.

Dynamic Android dependency versions done right (

Lately I have been reading blog posts on how dynamic Android dependency versions do more harm than good. While it is true that having deterministic builds are extremely important, that does not mean you should throw away all dynamic versioning.

Use cold start time to make your app look much faster (

This is a new technique that provides visual consistency between window preview and real content, achieving the illusion of quick start up for you app.



Android Software Engineer at Dropbox (Seattle, WA)

The Dropbox mobile team is focused on innovation within the Dropbox app, constantly improving both the technical foundation and the user interface. Come build the future of Dropbox!

Android Developers at X-Team (Remote)

We're looking for developers with extensive knowledge of Android. The perfect candidate would be highly skilled in different frameworks and libraries. We are 100% remote and we provide the funding needed to help you achieve your goals and grow as a remote developer.

Android Developer (Melbourne, Sydney)

Are you an awesome Android developer that likes to work on high-profile projects? Come and join our fun team in a collaborative and creative working environment. We always give ourselves time to research, innovate and develop new approaches that lead our industry.


Libraries & Code

Frodo (

Frodo is an android library used for logging RxJava Observables and Subscribers outputs on the logcat.

ReLinker (

A robust native library loader for Android.

Self-compiling Android Application (

This is a real spooky proof of concept of an application that is capable of self-compilation, mutation and viral spreading. It currently only works on Android 4.3_r3.1 with Galaxy Nexus. Or Cyanogenmod 12.1 of android 5.1.1, confirmed on Nexus 5,6 and 10 devices.

EmailAutoCompleteTextView (

An AutoCompleteTextView with builtin Adapter with the emails in the device. The library automatically adds GET_ACCOUNTS permission into your Manifest. For Android Marshmallow, the library also handles runtime permissions.

KotlinFPWebinar (

This is the code written as part of the Kotlin functional programming webinar



link image   Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated (

Google has updated the developer dashboard with new platform numbers and there's big news. There are now officially more Marshmallow devices in the world than Froyo ones.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Droidcon London 2015 Videos (

Videos for most of the presentations from Droidcon London 2015 are now available.

Google Play Services 8.3 (

Google Play services 8.3 is now out enabling you to build better apps with new functionality for: Sign In, Fused Location Provider, App Invites, and the Wearable Data Layer APIs.

Design Notes, with Kirill Grouchnikov (

This week Liam Spradlin talked to Kirill Grouchnikov, UI Engineer at Google and pusher of some pretty remarkable pixels.

link image   Functional Programming with Kotlin (

Mike Hearn provides a brief introduction to programming in Kotlin via practical example: creating a textfield with the autocomplete suggestions while typing.

Android Developers Backstage: Webview (

Chet talks with Ben Murdoch and Richard Coles from the Android WebView team.

Talking Kotlin with Hadi Hariri (

The Fragmented team got the best person in the business (Hadi Hariri) to take us through what could possibly be our new hope (Kotlin) for Android development.

What can those toggles do for me? (

Andrea Falcone walks through some of the more complex options on the Developer Options screen in the Android OS and discusses how a developer can use them to debug problems in their application.

Proximity Beacons - GDG Denver (

Dave Smith's walkthrough of Google's Proximity Beacon API for beacon management and the Nearby Messages API for client-side discovery.