Issue #179

November 15th, 2015

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Get rid of the app-selection dialog with Android App Links (

With Android Marshmallow Google launched Android App Links, a better way to connect Android apps with their website counterparts.

Android Intents Part 3 - Make your phone talk (

This is the third post in a series about sharing information between apps. In this post, E John Feig creates a public API that allows other apps to use our app to speak something out loud.

Having Trouble Focusing? A Primer on Focus in Android (

Designing for non-touch users means ensuring two things: access and feedback. As always, it's a case of identifying user journeys and making sure they are achievable by your target users.

link image   Implementing Google Voice Actions (

Google Voice Interactions allow developers the ability to communicate directly with their users. If further interaction is necessary, the app can vocally communicate this information to the user with additional voice interactions.

Unique Ids - There’s a better way with Instance ID (

Instance ID provides a unique identifier for each instance of your app, enabling you to identify and track your app instances around the world.

RxJava's Side Effect Methods (

RxJava’s Observable class has plenty of methods that can be used to transform the stream of emitted items. But there are other methods that do not change the stream of items in any way.

Triggering a native Share intent on Android from the web (

Paul Kinlan shows a way to handle intents encoded in web urls.

AppBar – Part 3 (

Next in the series of articles on the app bar, Mark Allison adds some motion to our feature image transitions.

Android Audio Latency In-Depth (

It's Getting Better, Especially With The Nexus 5X And 6P



Android Software Engineer at Dropbox (Seattle, WA)

The Dropbox mobile team is focused on innovation within the Dropbox app, constantly improving both the technical foundation and the user interface. Come build the future of Dropbox!


Libraries & Code

Search-View-Layout (

Search View Layout like Lollipop Dialer

FlycoTabLayout (

Heavily modified TabLayouts with some interesting new features.



link image   Improvements to Sign-In with Google Play services 8.3 (

Google Play services 8.3 provide a greatly improved sign-in experience for developers that want to build apps that sign their users in with Google.



Asset File Generator (

Gradle plugin for Android to generate based on assets folder.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Get Reactive (

Wolfram Rittmeyer and Pascal Welsch get reactive with a presentation on RxJava for Android.

Diving Deep with Dagger (

Fragmented podcast dives deeper into using Dagger for Android development.

Android Developers Backstage: Episode 38 (

Tor and Chet talk with Jim Miller from the Android System UI team. They chat about the new fingerprint feature in Android 6 Marshmallow (aka, "Nexus Imprint").

Android Dialogs: Dave Smith (

Huyen pops down to Highlands Ranch, CO to chat with Dave Smith, Google Developer Expert at being an expert, about learning Android, training, and things Android devs should know and should do to level up their game.

The Developer Show Ep 002 (

Welcome to the Developer Show, where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight from the experts.

Øredev 2015 - Android Presentations (

Seven presentations from Øredev 2015 conference.

Google Test Automation Conference - Day 1 (

The Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) is an annual test automation conference hosted by Google. This is the recording of the first day's presentations.