Issue #188

January 17th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Metronome: Unit-Tested Rx-Based Reference Application (

Several months ago, as a way to get up to speed with using and unit-testing RxJava, Cain Wong developed and posted this reference application. This blog post describes the project.

Permissions – Part 2 (

In this article Mark Allison looks at how we can include the necessary permissions checking and requesting in all of our Activities without having large amounts of duplicate code.

DevOps on Android: From one Git push to production (

DevOps is a well known movement whose main objective is to automate software delivery. It aims at continuous testing, code quality, feature development and easier maintenance releases.

How to make HTTP calls on Android with Retrofit 2 (

Oleg Šelajev will look at using the Retrofit 2 HTTP client to see how complicated vs how beneficial it is for his application.

Testing Tricks #4 - Improving Readability (

Readability is one of the key components to creating high quality unit and integration tests. Yet, we may hinder the readability of our tests by bogging them down with needless information



link image   Hassle-free Continuous Integration for Native Apps (

Tired of configuring Jenkins? Greenhouse is a cloud-based continuous integration service for Android (and iOS) apps. Build, test and distribute your apps for every commit without any complicated configuration or setup - you'll be up and running with just a few clicks. Use the coupon code "XMAS15" and get one month for free!

link image   Hired - The Marketplace for Android Developer Jobs (

Android developers are in demand, so shouldn't companies apply to you? On Hired, that's exactly how it works. Get 5+ job offers from companies like Uber, Stripe, and Facebook with 1 application. Join Hired today and get a 1k bonus when you get a job!



Android Developer - Yammer (San Francisco)

Companies around the world use Yammer to allow their employees to communicate and collaborate openly. We're looking for great developers who want to have a huge impact. Microsoft is helping people around the globe achieve more by giving them the best possible tools for any moment.

Android Mobile Engineer (Stockholm, Sweden)

Lifesum is looking for product-aware engineers that are creative builders. If you are someone passionate about building great Android apps, we will love to talk to you.

Android Developer at Composed (London, UK)

Composed is a pioneering classical music streaming service, helping people discover music they love. We’re a small, autonomous product team, constantly evolving our technology stack. Join us and help shape the future of music streaming.

Senior Android Developer (Berlin)

A beautiful and useful app, a holacractic organisation with no managers, the smartest and friendliest co-workers and the latest tools/tech to work with. What's not to love? Our userbase is growing and with it are the ambitions for our Android app. Come join us!

Mobile Engineer @ Expensify (San Francisco)

We’re looking for agile mobile engineers who are passionate about the product they’re building. Ideally, you’ll have a general understanding of and experience in JavaScript, Android and/or iOS SDKs, and mobile design patterns. PHP is a plus, but not a requirement.


Libraries & Code

Sharp (

Scalable vector graphics for Android

An OkHttp interceptor that logs requests as curl shell commands (

Here's a gist for an OkHttp interceptor that logs requests as curl shell commands

Android-Clean-Testing (

Here you have a full example project that shows how you can implement different tests types into your android projects. The goal of this repository is to show the way to have a isolated architecture and how you can mock and test all the layers or components of the project.

Cappuccino (

A sweeter Espresso. Cappuccino makes it easy to add custom IdlingResources.

KataSuperHeroesAndroid (

We are here to practice UI Testing. We are going to use Espresso to interact with the Application UI. We are going to use Dagger2 to replace production code with Test Doubles. We are going to practice pair programming.



link image   Spatial audio comes to the Cardboard SDK (

Starting today, the Cardboard SDKs for Unity and Android support spatial audio, so you can create equally immersive audio experiences in your virtual reality (VR) apps.

Android Studio 2.0 Preview 5 Available (

Google has just pushed Android Studio 2.0 Preview 5 to the canary channel. This build contains a large number of fixes relative to Preview 4 from last month


Videos & Podcasts

Using Column Selection Mode (

Column Selection Mode is a great way to modify multiple lines of code at the same time. Watch this short clip and learn how to take advantage of this great shortcut.



Droidcon San Francisco 2016 (

Last day to submit your talk for Droidcon SF! Call for Papers ends Jan 17th. Submit your talk or get a ticket.