Issue #192

February 14th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Optimizing Layouts in Android - Reducing Overdraw (

One step to improve the rendering time of your application is to have a look at the GPU Overdraw tool.

The curious case of Android premultiplied alpha (

Some time ago the author found a case of a really curious behaviour - PDF pages rendered to a Bitmap with transparent background showed strange artifacts around text. Here's what it was.

RxJava- Understanding observeOn() and subscribeOn() (

Thomas Nield takes a hand-on approach to understand observeOn() and subscribeOn().

What's under the hood of the OkHttp's cache? (

One of the nicest features of OkHttp is its caching mechanism. In this post Damian Petla goes through all relevant steps in caching and explain how it works

link image   Activity Revival and the case of the Rotating Device (

You never know what might kill your Activity, which is why you need to be prepared!

Example of Realm with MVP and Dagger (

In this example the author shows how to use Realm database in app with MVP architecture and Dagger library.

AdapterCommands (

Hannes Dorfmann highlights how important an presentation model in MVP is by giving an example how to deal with RecyclerView Adapters dataset changes, how to apply animated dataset changes and why a presentation model is helpful in this case.

A MVP Approach to Lifecycle Safe Requests with RxJava (

This post sheds some light on a networking architecture that can fit easily into the MVP pattern while also allowing our network requests to live beyond the life of an activity/fragment with very little effort

Automating Screenshots: Simplifying Internationalization (

Donn Felker describes a novel way to use Fabric's new screengrab tool to simplify validation of your internationalized application.

Indeterminate – Part 1 (

In this series Mark Allison will create an approximation of the material circular indeterminate ProgressBar which will be backwardly compatible to API 11.

Using Kotlin Extensions for Rx-ifying (

One of the main features of Kotlin that Vishnu Rajeevan fallen in love with is class extensions. This feature comes in handy quite often when working with APIs that are not yet RxJava compatible in a project that is using RxJava extensively.

Improving Startup Time in the NYTimes Android App (

Improving application startup and load time has been a priority for The New York Times Android development team. Here's some of the work they did.



link image   How a Top 40 App Increased Its Ad Revenue by 53% (

The brains behind Weather and Clock Widget, a Top 40 app with 50M+ downloads, grappled with challenges all too common to large publishers. After dealing with an in-house solution and numerous ad networks, they turned to Appodeal's programmatic ad mediation. The result? A 53% increase in ad revenue.

link image   Hired - The Marketplace for Android Developer Jobs (

Android developers are in demand, so shouldn't companies apply to you? On Hired, that's exactly how it works. Get 5+ job offers from companies like Uber, Stripe, and Facebook with 1 application. Join Hired today and get a 1k bonus when you get a job!



Senior Android Engineer (San Diego, CA)

MJD Interactive is busy building the future, and we’re looking for a Senior Mobile Engineers that want to help us make sure it works.

Senior Mobile Developer / Android / 100% remote (remote / VA / DC / MD)

We are looking for someone with serious Android Software Development skills, strong interests in all things mobile, and a passion for delivering high quality, rock-solid apps Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or related technical field 1 or more apps in the Google Play Store


Libraries & Code

link image   screengrab (

Automated localized screenshots of your Android app on every device



Android Studio 2.0 Beta 4 Available (

The Android tools team just pushed Android Studio 2.0 Beta 4 to the canary channel, as well as 2.0.0-beta4 of the Gradle plugin to jcenter.

OkHttp Certificate Pinning Vulnerability! (

Square fixed a certificate pinning vulnerability in OkHttp 3.1.2, and backported that to OkHttp 2.7.4.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   The Developer Show 013 (

This week on The Developer Show, join Timothy Jordan for a beefy TL;DR with a bunch of great links.

Introduction to RxAndroid by Example (

This video dives into an RxAndroid tutorial and tries out all the basics and explain most of the ins and outs of how these examples work!

Android Dialogs: Q & A Intro (

In this video the team introduces the upcoming Q&A segment and talk about the kinds of questions that they'll answer on the show. Hint: they'd love focused questions that we can answer in 5-10 minutes. Please start posting us your questions!

Designing a new premium flow for Focus (

Liam Spradlin designs a new premium flow/screen and a new illustration for Focus, an Android app he designed with developer Francisco Franco.



link image   Agile Android Software Development book (

The only free book about Android programming using Agile tools & techniques. Help us to complete the writing: become a backer, rewards start at only 5$! This book is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Which makes it free to download and share.