Issue #197

March 20th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Writing More Code by Writing Less Code with Live Templates (

Reto Meier shows a way to guarantee you can avoid common mistakes in your code, and also use fewer keystrokes.

RxJava —RxReplayingShare, Emit only Once (

Building on a previous article about sharing an Observable with multiple Subscribers, but receiving the emitted data only once, Pavlos-Petros Tournaris analyzes Jake Wharton’s ReplayingShare library.

Analyse data flows without the debugger (

The most common case you might want to track is how a certain set of data got into a certain block of code. Sebastiano Poggi shows a great way to do this without debugging your application.

link image   Learn Kotlin while developing an Android App (

Juan Ignacio Saravia has released a series of articles on building a Reddit Android app using the Kotlin language.

RxJava - One Observable, Multiple Subscribers, Same Data (

The problem was fairly simple: Be able to share a Retrofit response as an Observable to multiple subscribers without the side effect of re-executing the Network Call that this Observable was bound to. The solution is in this post.

Kotlin For Tests in Android (

Many developers are quite optimistic about Kotlin future for Android. Not everyone is ready to take a risk, but what if we’ll use Kotlin only for tests?

Advanced Techniques for concurrency and memory management (

Nabil Hachicha's slides from Droidcon SF 2016.

Kotlin recipes for Android (I): OnGlobalLayoutListener (

A friend asked Antonio Leiva how to implement a OnGlobalLayoutListener properly without incurring in the need of too much boilerplate. This was a tricky question because of a couple of things, let’s see it a little more deeply.

Reactive Android UI Programming with RxBinding (

For most devs, implementing reactive callback chaining yourself will prove a time-consuming and error-prone mess. Thankfully, the easy-to-use RxBinding libraries can help.

AndroidDevLikeAProDroidconSF (

Israel Camacho's slides from Droidcon SF 2016.

Common RxJava Mistakes (

Daniel Lew's slides from Droidcon SF 2016.

Google Fit for Android: History API (

The previous tutorial explored how to use the Google Fit Recording API to store fitness data through Google Play Services. This tutorial expands on the topic by exploring how to access and update data stored in Google Fit using the History API.

Android N: Introducing Picture-in-Picture for Android TV (

One of Android N's new features is Picture-in-Picture mode, which leverages the new multi-window APIs in Android N. Joe Birch takes a look at this exciting new feature and how we can implement it into our Android TV applications!



link image   Buddybuild: the world's first mobile iteration platform (

Buddybuild is the easiest way to automate building and deploying apps, and get feedback you wouldn't otherwise see. Use buddybuild to incorporate user feedback throughout your development cycle, and continuously iterate knowing you're building what users want. Stop cobbling together disparate development systems. Focus on what you do best: creating delightful apps!

link image   Hired - The Marketplace for Android Developer Jobs (

Android developers are in demand, so shouldn't companies apply to you? On Hired, that's exactly how it works. Get 5+ job offers from companies like Uber, Stripe, and Facebook with 1 application. Join Hired today and get a 1k bonus when you get a job!



link image   Project Phoebe: A moonshot concept for mutative design (

Design shouldn’t just adapt to screen size. Context isn’t all about adding more information. These two ideas are the basis for a far-reaching design exploration that — I hope — will spur further exploration into mutative design.



Senior Mobile Engineer - Android (San Francisco, CA or Washington, D.C.)

We are looking for someone to join us and make an impact right now as we prepare to launch a full blown suite of apps on the mobile platform. If you are fascinated by mobile and its endless possibilities, come join us!

Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Yelp connects consumers with great local businesses all across the world. We’re looking for Android developers of all levels who love creating delightful user experiences for millions of people and thrive in taking ownership of the product they work on.


Libraries & Code

RxEither (

RxEither is a port of Scala's Either for the RxJava world.

Passwordview (

A Material Android password view that toggles password visibility via an eye icon.

link image   RxWear (

This library wraps the Wearable API in RxJava Observables and Singles.

RxSealedUnions (

An RxJava backport of Java 8's JavaSealedUnions library.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   StrictMode for enforcing best practices at runtime (

StrictMode is your runtime lint checks, helping you catch potential bugs before they are experienced by your users. While StrictMode has a number of performance related checks, it also helps enforce best practices around sharing files by detected File URI exposure and cleartext network traffic.

Android N with Ty Smith (

Ty Smith and Chris Lacy dig into all the newly announced features, discuss our impressions of our time using the N Preview, chat about what features didn't make this release that we were hoping to see and more.

Making sense of Android Support Library version numbers (

The Android Support library framework is the biggest boon to Android developers. But how does one makes sense of the different versions and revisions available? In this fragment we try to address that question.

TheContext Episode 3 (Part 2) (

More technical questions answered about RxJava. We have covered: Schedulers.computation() in RxJava, Schedulers in RxJava, subscribeOn() and observeOn(), Testing code with RxJava and Extending the Observable

Integrating Robolectric 3 with Android Studio 2 (

Corey Latislaw show how to integrate Robolectric into your testing workflow.

Live Templates in Android Studio: Using and Creating Them (

Use and create your own Live Templates in Android Studio to write more code with less keystrokes using Live Templates to insert common, templatized code snippets.

Android Dialogs: Keishin Yokomaku (

At DroidKaigi Huyen stops Keishin Yokomaku, Android developer at Drivemode and DroidKaigi staff member, to talk about starting in Android, take a tour of Drivemode, and discuss design considerations when designing an app for drivers.