Issue #2

November 4th, 2011

Articles and Tutorials
Do you want to connect your Android App to all those fancy services like Twitter, Facebook or even DropBox? All of them rely on OAuth for authentication and this tutorial gives you a brief walkthrough on how to archive your goal.
In the Android component library there is no native support for Drag and Drop. But it's not that difficult to implement it by yourself.
For our rookies we also got a beginner tutorial that covers all the basics of the Android Layouting System.

Finally TV and computers will merge. An update on Google TV brings more Apps, better YouTube support and many more things.
There is evidence that PayPal support will come to the Android ecosystem soon.

Libraries and Code
Twitters pull to refresh is a well adopted gesture in many apps. Here is a reusable component that implements this behaviour.
Dealing with Time and Date in Java can be pretty nasty. Joda Time is a quality replacement for those classes.

A series of screencasts that cover the basics of Android programming.

App of the week
Hacker News for Android is a nifty small Android client for... guess what: Hacker News