Issue #203

May 1st, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Simple and fast image processing with RenderScript (

Want to make image editing fast with a few lines of code? Want to use the computing power of your phone’s GPU without the complexity of OpenCL? Well, renderscript is meant for you.

Understanding Android Naming Conventions (

This articles dives into the meanings of Task, Process, Activity, Fragment, Context & more.

Performance Problems in Libraries and SDKs (

It turns out that many libraries and SDKs cause major startup delays and other performance issues. These delays can be hard to track down because developers typically have little to no knowledge of the library or SDK’s implementation

link image   Android Grid Layout (

Dmytro Danylyk wrote this article because the GridLayout layout has been unfairly forgotten, but remains quite useful in some situations.

Interface Segregation Principle (

Donn Felker continues his series, this time with the Interface Segregation Principle

Android Audit (

Technical audits of iOS and Android applications have become an integral part of the Karumi team's daily job. In this document they review what we believe are the most important things to check, separated by technical area.

link image   Accessibility Testing on Android (

With the right tools, skipping accessibility is a compromise you don’t have to make. Here are some ways to help your team ensure that accessibility is added and part of testing your final product.

Keddit — Part 8: Orientation Change with Kotlin (

In part 8, review how to properly manage the orientation change in the device and see how to handle runtime changes so we don’t lose the already requested news, all in a usable Kotlin app.

ITDD — Instrumentation TDD for Android using RESTMock (

Introducing a new REST mocking library and how it can be used.

Advanced RxJava: Google Agera vs. ReactiveX (

Dávid Karnok takes a close look at the implementation details of Google's new reactive implementation, Agera.

Android Studio 2.1 supports Android N Developer Preview (

Google has released Android Studio 2.1, with support for Android N development.

Delightful persistence on Android (

Alexandru Simonescu details how to use SQLDelight wrapper library in your own app.



link image   Hassle-free Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps (

Android developers, it's time to boost your productivity! Greenhouse is a cloud-based continuous integration service that builds, tests and distributes your apps for every commit without any complicated configuration or setup. We help you build higher quality apps that are delivered to end-users faster.

link image   Sympli: Quicker Design Handoff and Implementation (

Spend less time on routine tasks with Sympli—a design handoff and collaboration tool that works with Sketch, Photoshop, and your IDE. Sympli Android Studio plugin extends autocomplete and allows you to inspect mockups, sync assets, and set automatic asset renaming rules to implement design quicker.

link image   The Easiest Way to Find a Job (

Hired lets you sit back while job offers come to you. When you complete your profile, instantly apply to 3,500+ companies on the platform who will contact you with job offers, including salary and equity up-front. Try it today.



Android Developer at Navenio Ltd (Oxford, UK)

We are a spin out from the award winning Computer Science dept at the University of Oxford developing cutting edge indoor location services. Join our talented team in the centre of Oxford to help us bring our technology to new markets.

Software Engineer, Android (Zürich)

Centralway’s vision is to create the world’s leading mobile banking platform. We are looking for highly skilled Android Engineers, who are interested in changing the future of mobile banking with us.


Libraries & Code

Agera (

Google just released a Agera, a set of classes and interfaces to help write functional, asynchronous, and reactive applications for Android. You'll find an introduction in the wiki and be sure to check out the issue where it's compared to RxJava.

Flaggr-android (

A library that allows you to enable/disable features and/or part of code regarding a Context

Retrolambda (jake wharton fork) (

retrolambda is a backport of Java 8's lambda expressions to Java 7, 6 and 5. This is a special fork by Jake Wharton that contains several optimizations that help reduce the number of generated methods per lambda.

link image   RxDrive (

RxJava wrapper for Google Drive Android API

RESTMock (

RESTMock is a library working on top of Square's okhttp/MockWebServer. It allows you to specify Hamcrest matchers to match HTTP requests and specify what response to return.



link image   Android Studio v2.1 Released To Stable Channel (

This release includes support for Android N, many of the language features in Java 8, a semi-official switch to the Jack compiler, an updated New Project wizard, and further improvements to the new and faster Android Emulator.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   What’s New in Android Studio 2.1 (

Learn more about Android Studio 2.1 on Android Tool Time with Reto Meier

Android with Rebecca Franks (

Kenneth, Kevin and Len are joined by Rebecca Franks to discuss the world of mobile development for Android, Google's developer platform and her recent Google Developer Expert accolade.

Decompress 1 (

In this very first edition of a Decompress episode the guys talk about the fonts they love to use, some Xcode hating, Testing woes and the intensely discussed library that Google recently released Agera!

Understanding AutoValue - Value types minus the boiler plate (

An introductory look at AutoValue, the Java library for creating immutable value types with ease, and how it can help you write better code, faster.

Android Dialogs: Roberto Orgiu (

Huyen talks with Roberto Orgiu, Turin-based Android developer and member of the Droidcon Italy crew, to talk about Zeroconf and Droidcon Italy.



Developer Survey (

Want to find out how you compare to other developers in your country, based on programming language, dev tools used, or type of software? Take VisionMobile’s 15-minute Developer Tools Benchmarking survey to talk about what’s fantastic or frustrating about the tools you’re using, describe what you're building, why, and where you go to find out how.