Issue #205

May 15th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Material motion (

The newly expanded material design‬ motion guidelines can help you produce motion that feels natural, while delivering a clear and cohesive experience for your users.

Getting started with JRebel for Android (

JRebel is like Instant Run - but on steroids. In this blog post by Oleg Šelajev you'll learn how to get started with JRebel for Android.

Better Class Naming (

Naming things can be a hard job - in this blog post you'll lean some nice rules to achieve neckbeard level.

Mastering tools namespace on Android (

Alexandru Simonescu takes a look at the tools namespaces and it's uses in your layouts.

link image   From prefab house to Lego house (

Hannes Dorfmann takes on a journey of building common resusable components between apps.

Understanding the RenderThread (

RenderThread is a new component that was introduced in Android Lollipop. In order to understand what it really does, there’s a few concepts that need to be introduced in this article.

How VectorDrawable works (

Colt McAnlis describes the why and how of vector images in Android.

Designing for Multi-Window (

The primary mode that users will be interacting with multi-window is through split-screen mode, which is available on both handheld devices and larger tablets. Ian Lake describes how to do this for your app.

Tasks and the Back Stack (

In this new Android Development Patterns post, Ian Lake describes how your app can make proper use of tasks and the back stack that's part of Android.

Keyboard Handling on Android (

In this post by the PSPDFKit guys you'll learn how to tame the soft keyboard for best UX results.

Flexboxlayout Part 1 (

In this multipart series by Mark Allison you'll learn how to use the new Flexboxlayout.

Choosing the Right Background Scheduler in Android (

In this post by the Big Nerd Ranch guys you'll learn about the different mechanism to put workload in the background.

Yelp Android App Went On A Diet (

Nice post by the Yelp team about some strategies to minimize your app images.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (

In this post Sebastian Deutsch rants about the current state of Android Development. He has some interesting advices for open source maintainers and also Google.



link image   Hassle-free Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps (

Android developers, it's time to boost your productivity! Greenhouse is a cloud-based continuous integration service that builds, tests and distributes your apps for every commit without any complicated configuration or setup. We help you build higher quality apps that are delivered to end-users faster.

link image   The Easiest Way to Find a Job (

Hired lets you sit back while job offers come to you. When you complete your profile, instantly apply to 3,500+ companies on the platform who will contact you with job offers, including salary and equity up-front. Try it today.



link image   Import the Material Design color palette into Sketch 3 (

Here’s is a quick workaround using the native Mac OS color picker in Sketch 3 to use the Material Design palette.



Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Yelp connects consumers with great local businesses all across the world. We’re looking for Android developers of all levels who love creating delightful user experiences for millions of people and thrive in taking ownership of the product they work on.


Libraries & Code

RxAssertions (

RxAssertions is a simple idea for better RxJava assertions

link image   Reactive Billing (

Cut the hassle when implementing in-app purchases on Android. Reactive Billing is a lightweight reactive wrapper around In App Billing API v3 for Android.

Android Image Cropper (

Image Cropping Library for Android, optimized for Camera / Gallery. Be sure to checkout the sample application to see it in action.

Swipe Action Layout (

A nice swipe layout that provides new actions with a material design look and feel.



link image   Kotlin 1.0.2 is Here (

Some improvements in the new release, including: size of the standard library has been reduced by ~1500 methods, and better support for Android Lint checks.

Please update to Android Studio v2.1.1 (

Google released the Android Studio 2.1.1 update. The incremental update addresses two security vulnerabilities in the underlying IntelliJ platform that affects all previous versions of Android Studio

Support Library 23.4.0 (

Android Support Library, revision 23.4.0 has been released.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Multiple Tasks with Concurrent Documents (

Concurrent documents gives users the ability to multi-task within your app, switching between independent parts of your app using the Overview screen (formerly Recents) or, with the help of Android N’s split-screen mode, even showing them side by side.

Talking TextView with Elliott Chenger (

The Fragment team talk TextViews, font rendering complications in Android, performance optimizations, localization (vs internationalization), ECDC (it’s a thing!)

Create Android gradle task to grant permissions on Marshmallow devices (

This tutorial walks through the steps to create an Android gradle task that grants the permissions on Marshmallow (and presumably later) devices without having to run the app or go into the device settings

Screen Robots: UI Tests in Espresso (

In this presentation Annyce Davis teaches how to take advantage of the Screen Robot abstraction technique.

Android Developers Backstage 48: ExoPlayer (

In this episode, Chet visits the Google's Android office in London and chats with Oliver Woodman about ExoPlayer, an application level media player for Android.

TheContext 4: Indie Development (

In this episode Artem Zinnatullin talks about Indie Development with Chris Lacy.

Applying Logcat Filters in Android Studio (

In this quick-tip lesson from Annyce Davis, you will learn: how to create a Logcat Filter in Android Studio, how to ignore certain log tags, how to select your own application’s log tag

Android Dialogs: So You Have a Side Project? (

Huyen sits down with Juhani Lehtimäki and chats about how developers can turn their side project dreams into reality by following the story of Juhani's work on his side project, Lands of Ruin.



Amazon Web Services Mobile Day, London, 20 May (

Join AWS, fellow architects, developers and engineers for live demos and Q&A sessions dedicated to AWS mobile services including: Amazon Cognito, Amazon SNS, Amazon Mobile Analytics and AWS Device Farm. Learn about building, testing & monitoring your mobile apps on AWS plus enjoy a beer or two!