Issue #208

June 5th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Leaner APKs with asset minification (

The Novoda team shares some tips to make your APK smaller to improve the end-users' install experience.

Eight Ways Your Android App Can Leak Memory (

There are ways that memory can be leaked logically within Java. Ultimately, this means that your Android apps are still susceptible to wasting unnecessary memory and crashing as a result of out-of-memory (OOM) errors.

Better Android Intents with Dart & Henson (

Daniel Molinero Reguera introduces Dart & Henson, a library that generates a navigation layer and make it easy, convenient, fast and robust to navigate among your activities and services.

link image   ConstraintLayout on Android - How Ready Is It? (

Although still in alpha phase with some issues, Tamás Agócs shows how ConstraintLayout is a really useful tool. It can speed up the UI development and can also produce more efficient layouts.

Some of my favorite Kotlin features (

Team Android at Basecamp recently passed a fairly big milestone — over 25% of the Basecamp 3 Android app code base now runs on Kotlin! Here they share a couple things they like about it.

Crunching RxAndroid — Part 9 (

In this article, Roberto Orgiu explores another way to retain a running Observable.

Be Careful of Drag-and-Drop on Android N (

Drag-and-drop has been part of Android since 3.0 for single windows, but now, with multi-window support, drag-and-drop can work between apps… and that is where you need to be careful.

RxUi: Talking to Android View layer in a Reactive way (

A lot of Android apps nowadays use RxJava as a foundation of the control flow for business logic. What if you go further and apply it everywhere, including View layer?

Yet another way for applying fonts (

If you are an Android developer you probably have come to a point when you wanted to change font’s for items in you layouts. András Németh shares a great technique along with a GitHub sample.



link image   Hassle-free Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps (

Android developers, it's time to boost your productivity! Greenhouse is a cloud-based continuous integration service that builds, tests and distributes your apps for every commit without any complicated configuration or setup. We help you build higher quality apps that are delivered to end-users faster.

link image   The Easiest Way to Find a Job (

Hired lets you sit back while job offers come to you. When you complete your profile, instantly apply to 3,500+ companies on the platform who will contact you with job offers, including salary and equity up-front. Try it today.

Photo Editor SDK (

Enhance your app / service with a photo editor. It's fully customizable and SDKs are available for Android, iOS and HTML5.



link image   User Errors (

‘Errors’ happens. They happen in our apps and they happen in our life. Whatever the cause, these errors — and how they are handled — can have a huge impact on the way user experiences your app.

The Right Ways to Ask Users for Permissions (

The first interaction with the app plays a key role in creating overall impression (either good or bad). And when users open a new app the last thing they want to see is multiple popups in a row asking for permissions.



Senior Android Developer (Berlin)

We are developing the next generation of marketing automation with real-time technology. Distributed and fault tolerant, our system is processes vast amounts of data. As the Android Developer you have ownership over the 360dialog SDK and build new features that add value for mobile app developers.

Senior Android Freelance @ Paris (no remote) (Paris, France)

Kudoz is looking for a Senior Android Developer to build the V2 of its job hunting mobile app. Greenfield project (no legacy code) in a fun and young startup. Contract based in Paris, France, with initial contract duration of 2 months min. starting ASAP. Competitive rate.

Senior Android Engineer - Help us build an SDK (Remote)

We at PSPDFKit care about great software. Our framework ships in many of the top-ranked apps on Google Play. Do you know your way around Android development, Java, Kotlin and are not afraid of JNI and Modern C++? Come join us in pushing the boundaries of what Android devices can do!


Libraries & Code

Rxjava-mvp-giphy (

A showcase of RxJava and Model View Presenter, plus a number of other popular libraries for android development, including AutoValue, Retrofit, Moshi, and ButterKnife. Unit tests covering any business logic and Robolectric tests verifying the ui.

Auto-value-redacted (

An extension for Google's AutoValue that omits @Redacted field values from toString().

BlurView (

Dynamic blur of underlying Views for Android. Includes library and small example project.

Blade (

Android library for boilerplate destruction that generates boilerplate code based on annotations and lets you focus on what matters. Generated code is fully traceable. Everything is generated during compile time. No reflection used! Broken down into small modules.



link image   Vectalign (

Tool for create complex morphing animations using VectorDrawables (allows morphing between any pair of SVG image)


Videos & Podcasts

Google IO 2016 (Part 2) (

In Part 2 of the Google IO special we continue asking some simple questions to the best AndroidDev today.

Google I/O 2016 keynote (

Chris Lacy and Koushik Dutta break down all the big announcements such as Home, Allo, Duo and Daydream. We also discussed Google's advancements in AI, the Android Wear 2.0 release, Android Instant Apps and more.

Android Testing Patterns #3: AdapterViews and Espresso (

Learn how to use onData() to look for data in the Adapters backing your AdapterViews to easily bring the required row on screen.