Issue #213

July 10th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Streamlining Android Build Process (

A good build process makes everyone’s lives easier. Running tests and static code analysis gives developers confidence and peace-of-mind. Product managers and QA benefit from automatically shared builds that clearly indicate changes.

Transitions in Android (

Andrey Kulikov shares some ways to add meaningful animations to your app.

Some Thoughts on Android's new ConstraintLayout (

In this post Wolfram Rittmeyer highlights what he likes about the new ConstraintLayout and the new editor.

The Last HttpURLConnection (

OkHttp 1.0 started out as an optimized implementation of HttpURLConnection. The latest OkHttp 3.4.0-RC1, cleans up a lot of legacy implementation issues from the past releases.

link image   Introduction to Automated Android Testing - Part 2 (

In this second part, Rebecca Franks goes over the typical structure and setup of your Android app in order to enable testing.

An Espresso Test Recorder Deep Dive (

This post presents what the Philosophical Hacker found when he dug into the source code of the espresso test recorder.

React Native: Is it the end of native development? (

People see React Native as a write-once-deploy-anywhere solution, potentially speeding up development for applications, but is React Native the best choice for your next project?

Memory optimization for feeds on Android (

Udi Cohen writes about tools and techniques for optimizing lists and data loads in the Facebook app.

Five reasons why to develop for the internet of things (

The “internet of things” (IoT) is simple: everyday objects that have internet connectivity and sensors that can gather, transmit and receive information. But why does this ubiquitous functionality affect you as an Android developer?

Android Data Binding: Adding some variability (

Maybe you think that eliminating findViewById is a great first step, but there is still too much boilerplate code. Android Data Binding makes these things much easier.

Hidden data in your image files (

Colt McAnlis noticed that Photoshop exports a 16x16 pixel PNG image that is way too big. So he decided to dig in a bit more to figure out what was going on.

Changes to Trusted Certificate Authorities in Android Nougat (

In Android Nougat, Google has changed how Android handles trusted certificate authorities (CAs) to provide safer defaults for secure app traffic.

When Not to Use RxJava (

After a year, Thomas Nield did find a few cases where reactive may not necessarily be a good fit.

ConstraintLayout – Part 6 (

In the previous parts, Mark Allison showed the underlying principles of ConstraintLayout. Now he takes a look at how to apply it in practice with mimicking the behavior of a weighted LinearLayout.



link image   Grow your business on Google Play (

Get the new Playbook app for developers to stay up to date with features and best practices that will help you grow a successful app or game business on Google Play.

link image   PSPDFKit - PDF SDK Trusted by Companies You Know (

The industry leading mobile PDF library helps you achieve seamless viewing, annotating and fast indexed searching of PDFs. Let us take care of your PDF needs so you can focus on what makes your app great. The library can be customized to any use case and integrated in minutes. Come see why were trusted by Atlassian, Box, IBM and others.

link image   The Easiest Way to Find a Job (

Hired lets you sit back while job offers come to you. When you complete your profile, instantly apply to 3,500+ companies on the platform who will contact you with job offers, including salary and equity up-front. Try it today.



link image   What Makes a Good Transition? (

Functional animation is subtle animation that has a clear, logical purpose. It reduces cognitive load, prevents change blindness and establish a better recall in spatial relationships. But there is one more thing. Animation brings user interface to life.



Android Engineer at Microsoft (United States, San Francisco (CA) / New York (NY))

We’re looking for experienced Android engineers to come and help us reinvent email and calendar on mobile for millions of people. Based in SF or NY, you'd be part of the Outlook for Android team, building the best user experience out there alongside our server and design teams.


Libraries & Code

FocusResize (

A custom animation with scroll listener to recycler views

featured (

Simple yet powerful composition library for Android. Featured helps you to split activity or fragment code into truly decoupled, testable and maintainable features.



Android Studio 2.2 Preview 5 Available (

The Android Tools team just released Android Studio 2.2 Preview 5 the Canary channel. This build contains a large number of bug fixes.

Romain Guy on the latest ConstraintLayout alpha4 (

ConstraintLayout alpha4 ships with Studio 2.2 preview 5 and is packed with performance improvements.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   An ~extended~ Doze mode (

Doze mode was introduced in Marshmallow and has been expanded upon in Android Nougat and now runs soon after your screen turns off, batching network access and jobs into regular maintenance windows.

Medellín Android (

Huyen chats with Juan Felipe Alvarez, Android developer, about Android in Medellín and how Juan Felipe co-founded the Medellín Android meetup.

Instrumentation Testing Robots (

In this talk Jake will cover how the so-called robot pattern allows you to create stable, readable, and maintainable tests with the aid of Kotlin’s language features.

link image   Gradle 3.0 Preview (

Hans Dockter gave a demo of all the new features you will find in Gradle 3.0: Daemon enabled by default, composite Builds and performance Improvements

Custom Views & ViewGroups with Huyen Tue Dao (

In this episode we talk to Trello engineer, GDE, YouTuber, Caster IO instructor and View magician Huyen about all things custom View/ViewGroups.

Building simple and secure account systems on Android (

There are some simple principles of good authentication user experience design that can make things a lot easier. Steven Soneff discusses tips for effective UI to techniques for secure, password-less authentication built on open standards and more.

Android Industrial: Real-time data visualization (

A traditional programming approach quickly reached its performance limit when processing sensor data with a high sampling frequency. How can we avoid frequent garbage collections? How can we offload as much as possible from the UI thread?