Issue #215

July 24th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   ConstraintLayout, Inside and Out: Part 1 (

This post is focused on examining the ConstraintLayout container architecture and how it does its job.

How not to become a public enemy - Part 1 (

Here are some important tips to consider when creating an open source library.

How to Load Heavy Libraries on Splash Screen (

In this post Savelii Zagurskii showcases a solution for the situation where a developer has an external library which is very slow to load and initialize.

Connecting your App to a Wi-Fi Device (

Whether you’re building an app for a remote viewfinder, to set up a connected light bulb, or to control a quadcopter, if it’s Wi-Fi based you will need to connect to a hotspot that may not have Internet connectivity.

Hello, Ticker (

The team at Robinhood open sourced their gorgeous ticker text control.

link image   Diving into Doze Mode for Developers (

This post covers Doze Mode in more detail, the changes that are coming with Android Nougat and what you can do to correctly adapt to Doze Mode.

MVVM + RxJava: Common Mistakes (

MVVM + RxJava is a great formula for an app architecture making it scalable and maintainable. Here are a few lessons learned along the way.

Is your app Aware? (

Roberto Orgiu examins the new Awareness API, which combines 7 different feeds managing both the battery drain and the used memory.

The evolution of the repository pattern (

In this blog post Hannes Dorfmann gives you a brief history of the Repository Pattern and discusses why it could lead to over abstraction and over engineering.

Getting the most out of Crashlytics (

With these three tips, we can obtain a greater ROI from our crash reporting implementation and gain more insights into the application.

RxJava SyncOnSubscribe (

There's a trick to create() an observable that supports backpressure in a proper way. It turns out that there’s a helper class called SyncOnSubscribe that does this. But how do you use it?

A deep dive into Android View constructors (

Dan Lew often sees confusion around Android View constructors. In this article he tries to answer all your questions.

Dagger 2 on production — reducing methods count (

There are several articles that show how to start working with DI. Here Mirek Stanek shares his more advanced experiences with Dagger 2 after almost two years of having this in a production app.

Building a Reactive Mindset (

Here’s another way of explaining reactive programming: this time with Donald Duck and his nephews.

ConstraintLayout – Part 8 (

Should we actually be using ConstraintLayout in “real” projects yet? The short answer is “No”, but firmness of that “No” is diminishing with each release.

Backpressure (

David Karnok documents the meaning of backpressure in Reactive extensions.



link image   Work on a Better Stack! (

On Hired, Android engineers typically get 5+ job offers in 1 week. Find that new opportunity you've been craving and get access to 3,500+ companies instantly.



Software Engineer – Android (Düsseldorf)

Join our Mobile Software Engineering Team (Rheinfabrik) in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Passions Hacked -'s open hackathon (Amsterdam)

Mobile mercenaries, are you up for the challenge? We’re calling on you to follow your passion and find innovative ways to build a solid mobile experience and open up the world for all the world’s most daring adventurers. Enroll for online competition, get selected and come to Amsterdam!

Principal Android Developer (Boston, MA)

We have fully embraced RXJava, using it for all async operations. We investigate and utilize new third party libraries, including but not limited to Butterknife/OkHTTP/Retrofit/Guava (not new but grrreat!) /Picasso/ Roboelectric/ Mockito, etc. etc. We were out with the release of Wear & Google Fit.


Libraries & Code

link image   Ticker (

An Android text view with scrolling text change animation

Ferro (

Simple and powerful MVP library for Android



Improvements for smaller app downloads on Google Play (

Google Play is investing in improvements to reduce the data that needs to be transferred for app installs and updates, while making data cost more transparent to users.

Final Developer Preview before Android 7.0 Nougat (

Google has released Developer Preview 5, the last milestone of this preview series.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Bundled Notifications (

Build great individual notifications, group them together, then create a summary notification - used on older Android versions and to build the bundle’s header on API 24 devices.

Translating an app for different languages with Dan Lew (

In this show Kaushik talks to Dan about translating an app for other languages.

Reducing Mobile Data Usage in your Android Apps (

Rebecca Franks takes a look at how you can improve your users experience by reducing their mobile data usage. Three areas for improvement are covered, areas such as Server Interactions, Images and your Bundled APK size.



Apply Now For the Space App Camp (

There are thousands of ways to enrich mobile apps with big data from space - what's yours? Enter the challenge and seize the opportunity to meet with like-minded people, create mobile applications using satellite data und gain insight into ESA's work.