Issue #220

August 28th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Manage dependencies versions with gradle extra properties (

Segun Famisa shows a quick way of making your Gradle dependencies look neat, and easy to maintain

Android CI with Docker (

Here's an interesting approach to building Android apps using a Docker container.

Bottom Sheets in Android (

Bottom Sheet is a material design component, that was added to design support library in version 23.2. In this post, Mayowa Adegeye shows how you can use them in your apps.

link image   Certificate public key pinning using Retrofit 2 (

A walkthrough of what it takes to do certificate pinning to make your https connection even more secure.

Isometric AnimatedVectorDrawable – Part 3 (

In the previous article Mark Allison took a look at the structure of the pathData which made up one of the parallelograms in the graphic. Now he looks at how we can actually animate between two states.

The many flavors of commit() (

Bryan Herbst is committed to making sure you choose the right commit() for your FragmentTransaction.

Break circular dependency with RxJava (

Ferhat Parmak shows how a potential circular dependency can be turned to be a one way dependency by using RxJava.

Asynchronous layout inflation (

With recent release of Android Support Library, revision 24 Google developers baked into v4 library a new helper class for asynchronous inflation of layouts.

Introduction to Automated Android Testing - Part 5 (

In part 5, Rebecca Franks takes a look at interacting with the Presenter created in part 4 and will create the UI to display the list of search results.

DiffUtil is a must! (

DiffUtil calculates the difference between two given lists, the old list that is currently displayed and the new that you have recently obtained. The DiffResult contains the data updates that can be dispatched to your adapter.



link image   Your Secret Weapons For Faster Android Development (

Join us on Sept. 8th for a webinar in partnership with ZeroTurnaround and Genymotion! We'll look at two of the most advanced Android dev tools around: JRebel For Android, and Genymotion Cloud. We’ll show you how to use both together for the sleekest Android development ecosystem you can get.

link image improve the quality of your apps efficiently! ( is a testing and bug tracking platform for apps. It supports In-App bug reporting and automatic crash reporting. All context data will be included in the reports, including screenshot, steps to reproduce the bugs, console log, network log, etc., to help you improve the quality of your apps.

link image   One application, 4,000+ Job Opportunities (

Why job hunt the old way? Try Hired and get your profile in front of thousands of tech companies at once.



Diverse Device Hands (

Free from Facebook Design Resources, here are photos of hands holding various phones, to be used in any presentation of your designs.



Senior Android Engineer - Help us build an SDK (Distributed Team)

We at PSPDFKit care about great software. Our framework ships in many of the top-ranked apps on Google Play and we are also building our own app at Do you know your way around Android, Java, Kotlin, JNI? Come join us in pushing the boundaries of what Android devices can do!


Libraries & Code

unipiazza-android-twostepslogin (

An Android library that helps you to make a cool two steps login (such as the Google web login) in Material Design way.

Om Recorder (

A Pcm / Wav audio recorder with simple api.

tiger (

A new challenger in a sea of dependency injection libraries. Claims to be the fastest, but needs some side-by-side benchmarks to show it.



link image   Taking the final wrapper off of Android 7.0 Nougat (

Android 7.0 Nougat has been rolling out to users, starting with Nexus devices. At the same time, Google is pushing the Android 7.0 source code to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Exploring Java's Hidden Costs (

Jake Wharton's 360AnDev talk is an exploration of hidden costs associated with some of Java’s features. He focuses on optimizations relevant for both library and application developers and on the tools that can be used to measure their impact.

Danny Preussler from Groupon: All around the world (

Danny Preussler's presentation on internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) from droidcon Zagreb 2016.

Jake Wharton on RxJava (2) (

In this power-packed episode the team talks to Jake Wharton about the advances in RxJava 1.x since the last time he was on the show and also looking ahead at the advancements coming down with RxJava 2.

Complications API (

Daniele Bonaldo presents on the Complications API at Londroid.

Android Developers Backstage Episode 54: AAPT (

In this episode, Chet and Tor talk with Adam Lesinski from the Android framework team. Adam works on aapt (Android Asset Packaging Tool).

TheContext Episode 6 part 1 (

In this episode the team talks about Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Fernando Cejas.