Issue #222

September 11th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Forcing bytes downward in Okio (

Okio’s BufferedSink is a high-level abstraction for writing binary and character data as bytes. Jake Wharton dives into some of the subtleties of the library.

Using Android Studio’s Performance Monitors (

Andrew Orobator shows how to track down performance issues in your app.

The hidden cost of code coverage (

Code coverage is an awesome way to motivate you and your team to write more tests. But did you know that simply enabling it slows down your build significantly?

Android Development Useful Tools (

Amit Shekhar shares some useful developer tools for Android.

Introduction to Automated Android Testing - Part 6 (

In this last post of the series, Rebecca Franks covers creating Espresso tests for the View created in part 5.

What 2 Years of Android Development Have Taught Me (

Over the past 2 years, Aritra Roy has learned what todo and most importantly what not to do in Android development, and shares some of those thoughts with you.

Android support Annotations (

Mayowa Adegeye introduces the Android Support Annotations Library and why we should care about it.

ActivityTestRule: Espresso’s Test “Lifecycle” (

The purpose of this post is to shed some light onto the order of operations for test cases written using Espresso’s new ActivityTestRule.

People and resources to learn Android programming from (

Dan Kim's list of his favorite people and resources in the Android community to help in your quest for excellence.

ThirtyInch —a new MVP library for Android (

Introducing a new MVP library called ThirtyInch with a Presenter for Activities and Fragments which survives orientation changes. The library has grown 16 months internally and is now available to everyone.

Firebase Analytics VS Google Analytics (

Now that Firebase is official and is being advertised, this article highlights the differences between the two solutions offered by Google itself: Google Analytics and Firebase Analytics.

VectorDrawable Fill Windings (

Recently Mark Allison encountered a problem with some VectorDrawable which caused much head scratching but there turned out to have a logical explanation and really quite straightforward fix.



link image   RSVP! Just over 3 weeks to Amazon App Dev Summit (

Join Amazon Appstore; AWS; Just Eat; Amazon Lab126 & 500 fellow devs for a packed day of talks & workshops - all designed to provide developers with lesson learned, unique insights & tools plus to showcase new opportunities & future methodologies into how to best connect with customers. Ldn, 4 Oct.

link image   Buddybuild: continuous integration & delivery made easy! (

Buddybuild is a mobile continuous integration and deployment platform that takes minutes to set-up. Our SDK makes it super easy to get feedback and crash reports from users in real-time. Stop cobbling together and maintaining disparate build, deployment, crash reporting and feedback systems. Focus on what you do best: creating apps people love!

link image   Hired, The End of Job Searching As You Know It (

Hired brings job offers to you, so you can stop wasting your time applying. Apply to 4,000+ companies at once on Hired.



link image   Basic Patterns for Mobile Navigation (

In this article Nick Babich examines three basic navigation patterns for mobile apps  and describe strengths and weaknesses of each of them.

Design Reviews: Going beyond the surface (

Get the most out of your design reviews with this simple guide to understanding what to expect from each stage in the design process.



Senior Mobile Developer - Android (Raritan, New Jersey)

Johnson & Johnson is currently recruiting for a Senior Mobile Developer - Android to be part of a fast-paced, innovative, and highly visible teams building web and mobile software for our commercial and R&D lines of business. The position will be located in Raritan, NJ or Horsham, Pennsylvania.


Libraries & Code

green-coffee (

Green Coffee is an Android library that allows you to run Cucumber scenarios in your instrumentation tests. Visit the wiki for more detailed information.

ThirtyInch (

A new MVP library for Android.



link image   Exynap (

Exynap is an Android Studio plugin which helps you find and implement the code you require in an instant


Videos & Podcasts

Git development workflow for App devs (

Donn and Kaushik discuss how they use git for their development workflow. They also touch on semantic versioning and how they rollout new versions of their app in a controlled fashion.

Android Dialogs: Eugenio Marletti (

While at Droidcon Berlin, Huyen sits down with Eugenio Marletti, GDE and Lead Android Engineer of Clue to talk about the highly custom UI work done on Clue, which recently was given Editor's Choice status in the Google Play store.



Mobicode (

Mobicode conference will gather best Android, iOS, cross-platform developers on the 3rd of December in Minsk, Belarus.After the conference great networking and afterparty will be waiting for you. Don`t miss a chance to communicate with speakers and participants!