Issue #223

September 18th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Offline First: Introducing TrueTime for Android (

In this series of blog posts, Kaushik Gopal shares some ideas and learnings from moving primary parts of their shopper app offline — making the apps for shoppers first-class partners to our APIs. Step 1 - establishing a baseline for time.

Android Security and Accessibility (

In one of our former issues we were talking about the security impact when screen readers might access password fields. To keep the discussion going Ataul Munim has written a feedback why he thinks that the issue is not that severe.

Sharing code between UI & unit tests (

In this series of posts Pavel Dudka will share some useful tricks he's learned over the last few years related to testing on Android.

Synchronously Animating Colors on Android (

Kyle Banks came across a situation where he wanted to animate the background color of the app’s Toolbar, TabLayout, FloatingActionButton, and the window StatusBar when the selected tab changes.

Android Fingerprint Authentication (

Getting Android fingerprint authentication right isn't easy. Aitor Viana shows how (via a library) to simplify the process.

link image   Kotlin vs Java: Compilation speed (

In Part 3, AJ Alt won’t be trying to compare the speed of Kotlin versus a single line of Java; instead, he’ll try to answer the question of whether converting a codebase from Java to Kotlin will affect its overall build time.

Let the view handle the lifecycle in MVP by using RxJava (

Sometimes it's not easy to wrap your head around how to use MVP together with RxJava. In this post you'll learn how to properly subscribe to an onViewCreated event.

Nougat – GCM Network Manager (

Mark Allison starts a loosely-related series of articles looking at various aspects of these new features in Nougat to see how to best make use of them.

TransactionTooLargeException crashes on Nougat (

Chiu-Ki Chan discovers limitations on the size of instance state saved by Activities.

Building a blazing fast ETC2 compressor (

Google has released a fast, open source ETC2 compressor. Colt McAnlis takes a look.

Low Coupling With Rx and Dagger 2 in Android (

Here's how to decrease the coupling of your classes using RxJava and Dagger.

RxJava2: An Early Preview (

Here are some of the most interesting updates and additions to RxJava and what they mean for the developer community.

Eight Ways Your Android App Can STOP Leaking Memory (

Part one of this blog post went over eight different ways your code can cause your Android application to leak memory. Here are examples of how to fix them.

Auto rename Android versionName in Gradle (

Barry shows how to modify versionName automatically, by creating a custom Gradle Plugin.

Is your custom view interactive aware? (

During the lifecycle of your Android view, there are times where the user can’t interact with it, and you can must take advantage of it to save some battery.

Beta Testing Your Android App With Build Variants (

Chike Mgbemena shares an in-depth look at build variants in Gradle Android builds.

Make your build.gradle great again (

In this post, Sergii Zhuk focuses on gradle-specific hacks to make your everyday Android developer life better.



link image   Upgrade your in-app support experience (

In most apps, customer service is just a “contact us” link that launches an email. That means that users have to leave the app when they need help. With Zendesk's Mobile SDK, you can bring rich native, in app support to your app quickly and easily. Best of all, it's included with Zendesk.

link image   Get Your New Job Faster with Hired (

Get 5+ Job Offers in 1 Week! Use Hired to get Android job offers from top companies.



Android Engineer (Munich, Germany)

Scalable Capital is a FinTech Start Up with offices in Munich and London and a strong focus on technology and quantitative analysis. We aim to revolutionize investment management and are looking for talented new team members! Join us as an Android Engineer and own the complete App life cycle.

Lead Developer Android (Paris, France)

FamilyAndCo, publisher of FamilyWall, the social network dedicated to the family, is looking for his Android Lead Developer. You will be in charge of the software design and development of the Android application, and the technical lead for the application for the Android team.


Libraries & Code

Android Amazing Open Source Apps (

Getting started with Android Development might be easy. Mastering it is a hard thing - this blog post lists a few open source apps that do a lot things right (usability and software architecture).

DoorSignView (

Create static door signs using DoorSignView or, if you're into fancy things, give a try to AnimatedDoorSignView for adding a cool animation based on the device orientation sensor(s).

Java Error Handler (

Error handling is a library for Java and Android that helps you to DRY up your error handling code. The concept for this library is to have a default handler for every expected (exceptional, common or not) error. It helps to handle specific errors as appropriate based on where and when they occur and have a default catch-all handler for unknown errors.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Android Dialogs: Ryan Harter (

Huyen chats with Ryan Harter, GDE and freelance Android developer, about eliminating boilerplate through annotations and how AutoValue can help developers keep their code clean and their objects immutable.

Tinkering with Android Studio (Part I) (

GDE Philippe Breault moves into ninja mode and starts blowing DF & KG’s minds with cool Android Studio tips and configurations.



Free Live Stream Tickets for Droidcon NYC - September 29th & 30th (

The fine organizers of the Droidcon NYC gave us a promo link for some free Live Stream Tickets to watch! First come first serve. So be quick to get remote access to 2 days of 60+ technical talks from the experts in Android with the code 'androidweekly'.