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September 25th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Awesome pre-launch reports for Alpha/Beta APKbs (

Google Play Team announced a lot of features in I/O 16. One of the best features is pre-launch report. In this post by you'll learn how to use it and how to leverage it's details to squish out all the bugs.

Wear Complications API (

In this post by Daniele Bonaldo you'll learn about the Wear Complications API. The API consists of two parts: 1. Data providers, which include the logic to fetch the data. 2. Watch faces, which will display the information exposed by the data providers.

Android Handler Internals (

In this post by Jag Saund you'll learn everything about "how to use handlers" you ever wanted to know.

Crunching RxAndroidb - Part 10 (

In this episode of "Crunching RxAndroid" Roberto Orgiu talks about how to use Observable.fromCallable and Observable.fromAsync.

Puryb a new way to profile your Android application (

In this post you'll learn about Pury. Pury is a library to profile Android applications. Be sure that you also check out the GitHub repository.

Dealing With the 65K Methods Limit on Android (

If your application grows too large you'll hit the limit of possible methods within an APK. If this happens you'll have two options: The first option is to enable multi-dex but this has several disadvantages. The other option is to investigate where the methods come from. This post shows you a list of tools how to investigate your APK.

What is in the APK (

Ever wondered what is inside an APK? In this post Nishant Srivastava walks you through different parts and explains how to use some tools for more dissecting.

Reductor - Redux for Android (

Redux is a hot architectural pattern in JavaScript right now. Reductor ports it's concepts to Java and Android.

Android leak pattern: subscriptions in views (

In this post by the Square dev team you'll learn about a common memory leak pattern and how to avoid it.

Annotation Processing in Android Studio (

In this post by Aitor Viana you'll learn how to create custom annotations in Android Studio. Happy metaprogramming.

Writing Better Adapters (

In this post by Danny Preussler you'll learn how to master the most frequent task of an Android developer: Writing Adapters.

Material Intro Screen for Android Apps (

Intro screens are important to onboard a user - and there are plenty of libraries that you can use. With Android Material Intro Screen by Filip Skowron you have another option. In this post you'll learn how to use the library. Be sure to checkout the repository.

Testing Legacy Code: Hidden Dependencies (

Very nice article by Corneliu Dascalu more about general programming than Android development. He shows you how to deal with legacy java code that has hidden dependencies.



link image   Upgrade your in-app support experience (

With Zendesk's Mobile SDK, you can bring rich native, in app support to your app quickly and easily. Start your free trial now!

link image   Get 5+ Job Offers in 1 Week with Hired! (

Thousands of potential jobs, one application - Hired is the 21st century job platform.

link image   Photo Editor SDK (

Enhance your app with a photo editor with plenty of features and styles. The SDK is fully customizable - within minutes.



Android Developer (Singapore)

We are planning to significantly grow the Mobile Engineering team, and looking for multiple skilled Android developers, preferably seniors with many business critical apps already developed. Apply to be based in our R&D centre in Singapore.

Android Engineer, Register (San Francisco, CA)

We're building the next generation of our Android applications. We approach mobile development with precision and engineering rigor, investing heavily in test automation and tools to improve quality and delight customers.


Libraries & Code

EncryptedPreferences (

An Android Library to securely read and write encrypted values to your SharedPreferences.

Pury (

Android library for measuring time between multiple independent events.

Floating Navigation View (

A simple Floating Action Button that shows an anchored Navigation View.

Material Intro Screen (

Be sure that you read the introduction on medium. The library lacks some tests but it's cool anyways.



link image   Custom map styling with the Google Maps APIs (

If you wanted your maps to match your Brand your only option was Mapbox. Now Google Maps provides that features too: change the color palette, hide labels, vary road density and toggle points of interest.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Constraint Layouts For Beginners (

Check out the new Android Constraint layout system.

Constraints Layout Part 2 (

Continue learning about Constraint Layout system.





Android conferences (

There are many Android conferences around the world. Visit our Android conferences list and get more informations on where and when they will be. We also have discount codes for some events!