Issue #229

October 30th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Get access to raw profiling results with plugins for Pury (

Here's an example of how to extend Pury, a runtime profiler for Android apps.

Building a Multiselection Solution for Android in Kotlin (

Here's an interesting approach to multi-selection on mobile. It includes code samples and a GitHub project.

Audio (not) playing in Android (

In this post by Halyna Halkina you'll learn about the options on how to play audio right.

Providing test doubles with Dagger 1 and Dagger 2 (

Here are some examples of how to make your app more testable using Dagger dependency injection.

ConstraintLayout Chains – Part 1 (

Mark Allison takes a look into a new ConstraintLayout feature that was recently added: chains.

Machine Learning with the Mobile Vision API — Part 2 (

Moyinoluwa Adeyemi continues the series with the Barcode Detection API.

Reactive Frustrations (

Rx is not unicorns and rainbows. In this post, Tomek Polański shares some frustrations while using RxJava and show that despite some bumps along the way, it is an awesome tool.

Designing something S.O.L.I.D (

The SOLID principles are fundamental to explaining a part of what clean code is, but sometimes explaining what SOLID means is a task in itself. This blog posts shows how we tried to re-examine SOLID visually to help all our developers embrace and learn from SOLID design.



link image   How SwiftKey uses Zendesk to support 250m users (

SwiftKey uses the Zendesk Mobile SDK to deliver in-app support to more than 250 million users. Embed support in-app to have extra context about users and nip issues in the bud to boost app store ratings. Read the SwiftKey story.

link image   Get Your New Job Faster with Hired (

Get 5+ Job Offers in 1 Week! Use Hired to get Android job offers from top companies.

link image   Photo Editor SDK (

Enhance your app with a photo editor with plenty of features and styles. The SDK is fully customizable - within minutes.



link image   Design Is Never Done (

Material Design’s new suite of tools and open source projects help make product design more productive and inspiring.



Senior Software Engineer - Android (Los Gatos, CA)

Netflix is the leading video streaming service globally and the Netflix Android application is one of the most widely used mobile applications. We work hard to constantly improve the performance, features, and quality of the app as we expand our coverage to every country in the world.

Senior Android Developer (m/f) (Hamburg, Germany)

Join one of our Android teams and take on responsibility for the constant creation of mobile moments. You will be part of a cross-functional team consisting of Development, Product and Project Management, Interaction/Visual Design and Quality Assurance. Become the newest member of our team!

Senior Android Developer (Boston, MA)

Come build the future of money at Circle. We are a fun, easy, and free way to send money to friends. We're rapidly expanding globally and we want you to help us build and improve our Google award-winning Android app.

Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Yelp connects consumers with great local businesses. We’re looking for Android developers who love creating delightful, compelling experiences for millions of people and thrive in taking ownership of the product they work on. We're building new products and investing in our Android infrastructure.


Libraries & Code

link image   EasyMVP (

A powerful Model-View-Presenter framework for android

Input Mask (

Input mask is a little form helper that helps you to put your input in shape. It's great for formatting phone or credit card numbers since you can easily specify the input mask.

sdk-artifact-sync (

A script which synchronizes all of the artifacts in your local Android SDK to a remote Maven artifact host.

material-remixer (

A set of cross-platform libraries and protocols to allow the sharing of design values and live refinement of apps during the development process. Remixer helps teams use and refine design specs by providing an abstraction for these values that is accessible and configurable from both inside and outside the app itself.



link image   ConstraintLayout beta 2 is now available (

Google has published ConstraintLayout beta 2. This build fixes a few issues with API level support under level 16. It also contains several large performance improvements (~2x speedup in many common situations).

Google Play Services Release Notes (

Highlights from the Google Play services 9.8 release.

Some new Firebase libraries (

Google's Firebase team has made some new updates to the Firebase libraries for Android, iOS, as well as the Javascript SDK.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   GOTO Copenhagen 2016 (

Presentations from GOTO Copenhagen 2016, including Israel Ferrer Camacho, Pierre-Yves Ricau, Jake Wharton, Dan Lew and Ty Smith.

Machine Learning is Everywhere: Android Apps with Intelligence (

Margaret Maynard provides an overview of how you can integrate advanced machine learning algorithms with your Android apps, with several examples to help you get started making Android apps with human intelligence.

EventBus Basics (

Modern Android applications tend to be very modular, learn how an Event Bus can help keep your components decoupled.

Smoke and Mirror Android UI tricks with Israel (

The team talks with Android UI magician Israel. In this episode. He talks about tricks you can use in your Android apps to create a super slick UI, citing examples from Google Photos, Twitter and other apps.

The state of event bus(es) today (

The age old question: should I be using an event bus today? What is an event bus? Donn and Kaushik have at it and try to answer this question that gets asked constantly in the AndroidDev circles.

Android Dialogs: Sam Edwards (

Sam Edwards tells us about how he uses the robot pattern to bring his QA team to Espresso testing, and how he takes screenshots automatically for debugging and UI verification

droidcon London 2016 Videos (

Here are the video recordings from droidcon London 2016.



The Open Mobile Summit 2016, San Francisco (

The Biggest B2C Mobile Event in America for Mobile Product, UX/Design and Mobile Marketing Executives.