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November 27th, 2016

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Testing asynchronous RxJava code using Mockito (

In this post, Fabio Collini shows how to test this code using Mockito and some RxJava utility classes.

Mastering the Terminal side of Android development (

César Ferreira shares some command line tips & tricks for Android development.

Exploring Android Nougat 7.1 App Shortcuts (

Google has brought Android Nougat to its second iteration with the 7.1 version (API 25). This post explores App Shortcuts: how they work, and how you can implement them.

The Quirks of Supporting SDK 25 (

Zarah Dominguez shares what she learned about adding new Nougat features to apps.

link image   Android: draw a custom view (

Roman Danylyk describes how to create a custom view, in this case a ViewPager indicator.

How to Stage Rollout Features using Firebase Remote Config (

Using Firebase Remote Config, we can do much more than just stage rollout an entire app – we can actually stage rollout individual features. 

Making the most of the APK analyzer (

One of GDE Wojtek Kaliciński's favorite recent additions to Android Studio is the APK Analyzer, which you can find in the top menu under Build → Analyze APK.

`Rxify` : The Anti Cache-then-Network OR Network-then-Cache Problem (

When using RxJava, how do you load data that's cached locally but also needs to be refreshed remotely? Here's one way to do it.

Your presenters don’t need all those lifecycle events (

Anup Cowkur believes a common mistake oft repeated is that developers keep including too many lifecycle events inside their presenters, destroying the separation between the view and presentation layers.

How to send notifications using Android Firebase (

This post covers how to send push notification using Android Firebase.

RxRecipes: Wrap your way to Rx (

Scott Meschke shares a new Rx recipe for wrapping existing APIs using fromCallable.

Diving deeper into the Java transient modifier (

GDE Enrique López Mañas dives into a topic that it is not widely used or understood: the transient modifier in Java.



link image   Test your Mobile App on Real Devices for Free (

Join the Kobiton Beta and test your mobile app on the devices you need, when you need them. Automatically generated activity logs help you track your progress and identify issues faster whether you are manually testing or running automated scripts. Sign up now and start testing in minutes.

link image   Looking for Your Next Android Role? - Try Hired (

You're on the cutting edge of technology, why job hunt like it's '90s? Try Hired today and have 4,000+ top companies apply for the chance to interview you.



Lead/Senior Software Engineer (Dania Beach, FL and Mountain View, CA)

Magic Leap is an eclectic group of visionaries, wizards, and gurus from the fields of film, robotics, visualization, software, computing, and user experience. We are growing quickly and looking for various talented Software Engineers to work in our Application and Application Framework teams.


Libraries & Code

tinker (

Tinker is a hot-fix solution library for Android, it supports dex, library and resources update without reinstalling apk

Android-Debug-Database (

Android Debug Database allows you to view databases and shared preferences directly in your browser in a very simple way.

blurkit-android (

BlurKit is an extraordinarily easy to use utility to get live blurring



link image   ConstraintLayout beta 4 is now available (

Google has published ConstraintLayout beta 4. This release fixes a few bugs related to guideline positioning and use of include tag, plus some additional performance improvement.

Google Play services ending support for Gingerbread (

Google Play services 10.0.x is the final release that includes full support for Android version 2.3.x (Gingerbread).

Android Studio 2.3 Canary 2 is now Available (

Google has released Android Studio 2.3 Canary 2 to the Canary and Dev channels. This build contains a large number of bug fixes and a handful of new features.



link image   Announcing Devknox - Autocorrect for Security Issues (

Devknox is a first of its kind security tool that enables developers to detect and resolve security issues as they write code in Android Studio. While it checks for basic security issues, developers also get real-time suggestions to fix these issues instantly. Consider it to be like an autocorrect for security issues.

APK Dashboard in ClassyShark (

Since ClassyShark 7.2 the APK view screen is totally re-written and became the APK Dashboard. This screen shows all the important info about your APK and its components.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Image & GIF Keyboards and Text Editors on Android (

Stickers, GIFs and other rich content are available through soft keyboards in Android 7.1 and also in revision 25.0.0 of the v13 Support Library.

Understanding Dagger 2's Generated Code (

Take a deep dive into Dagger's generated code to better understand Dependency Injection and Dagger 2's recent optimizations.

Switching to ExoPlayer: Better Video on Android (

Effie Barak walks us through Udemy’s transition from MediaPlayer to ExoPlayer, covering the basics on how to make the switch.

droidconIN 2016 Day 2 (

Playlist for Droidcon India 2016, day 2

droidconIN 2016 Day 1 (

Playlist for Droidcon India 2016, day 1