Issue #24

April 23rd, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Using Bitmap Fonts in Android (

Have you ever wanted to use BitMap fonts on Android? Maybe for a game or something else? This article explains how to implement your own SurfaceView.


What API level should I target? (
A great blogpost on how to set targetSdkVersion and minSdkVersion.

Android C2DM - Client Login key expiration (
In the upcoming weeks, some of the older Client Login authentication keys will expire. If you generated the token you’re currently using to authenticate with the C2DM servers before October 2011, it will stop working.

31 Days of Android: Day 3 - A Java Refresher (

Libraries & Code

DataDroid (
DataDroid is a library that helps you to develop Restful Android Applications.

ViewFlow UI (
The ViewFlow UI component is a horizontally scrollable ViewGroup with items populated from an Adapter. It has been recently improved and updated.

Mock Http Server (
Testing HTTP services can a pain. Fortunately Vladimir Vivien has created a mock http server to test your services.


Link Bild Android REST client applications (

This session will present architectural considerations for developing RESTful applications on the Android platform.


A screencast on how to master C2DM (

App of the Week

Spotify (
Spotify brings millions of tracks to Android. Your music is always with you.