Issue #245

February 19th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Write awesome unit tests (

Jeroen Mols aims to provide three very simple rules that will significantly ramp up your testing game. Every rule is followed by pragmatic tips so you can easily start implementing.

Helping to Mock Tests in Kotlin (

Roger Silva shows how to enable mocking in Kotlin objects without the need to change its default immutability property exclusively for unit tests.

How and Why I Kill God Objects (

In android development specifically, we have a god that we all know and love to hate: Context. The Philosophical Hacker shows why and how to kill off the Context god in apps.

How to Make Calls and Use SMS in Android Apps (

In this tutorial, Chike Mgbemena writes about the Android Telephony and SMS API. You'll learn how to make a call from your app and how to monitor phone call events, as well as how to send and receive SMS.

Android Things - Electricity Monitoring App (

Rebecca Franks shares an app (and GitHub repo) that uses Android Things, Firebase and a Raspberry Pi to monitor the state of electricity in her home.

Using Keystore system to store and retrieve sensitive information (

Josias Sena discusses how to take advantage of the Android Keystore and store passwords, or any other sensitive data in it, encrypt the data, and decrypt that data right back.

link image   The lost droid and the magic Dagger (

An introduction to dependency injection for Android, and how to implement it using Dagger 2.

Wear 2.0: Match Timer – Part 1 (

Mark Allison updates his Match Timer app (from earlier posts) to Android Wear 2.0

ViewPager without Fragments (

This blog post explains how a ViewPager can be used without Fragments.

Stress-testing Android apps (

Mostafa Gazar shares several tips on how to stress-test your apps.

How to leak memory with Subscriptions in RxJava (

Marcin Robaczyński explores one of the pitfalls in how easy it is to create a memory leak with RxJava’s Subscriptions.

Your Unit tests might not be as reliable as you thought (

A reminder about how passing unit tests can contain code that fail on devices.

Airplane Mode: Enabling Trello Mobile Offline (

Dan Lew shares how the Trello team implemented offline capabilities in their Android app.

Self-guided resources to Android development (

Want to move into Android? Corey Latislaw shares a complication of self-guided resources.



link image   Test your Mobile App on Real Devices for Free (

Join the Kobiton Beta and test your mobile app on the devices you need, when you need them. Automatically generated activity logs help you track your progress and identify issues faster whether you are manually testing or running automated scripts. Sign up now and start testing in minutes.

link image   Deliver in-app customer service with Zendesk (

Special offer for Android Weekly readers: save $177 with coupon "DEV238". With Zendesk's Mobile SDK, you can join Rovio Games and Swiftkey in bringing rich, native, in-app support to your app quickly and easily. Try it out today.



Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

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Senior Android Developer (Bangkok, Thailand)

Agoda is the largest and fastest growing online hotel booking platform in Asia, and as a Priceline Group company, we are part of the largest online travel company in the world. Our Android app is core to our business. You’ll work on a product that’s evolved tremendously and still has room to grow.


Libraries & Code

Alerter (

This library aims to overcome the limitations of Toasts and Snackbars, while reducing the complexity of your layouts

sensey (

Android library which makes detecting gestures a breeze. The library is built for simplicity and ease of use. It eliminates most boilerplate code for dealing with setting up gesture detection on Android.

mkloader (

Beautiful and smooth custom loading views.



link image   Kotlin 1.1 Release Candidate is Here (

Kotlin 1.1 has finally reached the release candidate stage.

Google Play Services 10.2 Release Notes (

Highlights from the Google Play services 10.2 release.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   MVVM on Android (

Petr Nohejl presents about implementing MVVM on Android, and he shows how easy it is to implement on Android with the Data Binding Library.

Effective Java for Android Developers – Item #14 (

In this mini-Fragment episode, Donn talks about Item #14 of the Effective Java series – In public classes, use accessor methods, not public fields.

RxJava for the Rest of Us (

Hugo Visser goes over what RxJava is and how you can use it to solve problems in your Android apps. He also discusses how you can prevent shooting yourself in the foot by looking at common mistakes.