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March 5th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Offline support: “Try again, later”, no more (

Another approach to offline storage and sync by Yonatan V. Levin.

Story Code (

Designing APIs is hard. One technique that helps develop good ones is to tell a story with the code.

Testing RxJava2 (

Here's a look at all the features RxJava 2 provides for testing.

Syncing Changes (

Dan Lew continues to describe how the Trello app implements offline caching and synchronization via deltas.

Reactive Apps With MVI - Part 4 (

In this blog post Hannes Dorfmann discusses how to build independent UI components and clarify why Parent-Child relations are a code smell. Furthermore, he discusses why such relations are needless.

Resources for Learning how to Test Android Apps (

The Philosophicak Hacker wrote up a blog post of some helpful resources about testing on Android.

link image   Unboxing the FlexboxLayout (

Here's Moyinoluwa Adeyemi's introduction to the new FlexBoxLayout from Google.

Configuring Android Project - Version Name & Code (

With this technique by Dmytro Danylyk, you can configure your version name and code via git tags.

Workcation App - Part 1. Fragment custom transition (

First of series of posts about and R&D (Research & Development) project Mariusz Brona made.

Model-View-Presenter: Android guidelines (

Some guidelines that will help improve your Model View Presenter implementations.

5 Not So Obvious Things About RxJava (

Whether you’re new to RxJava, or have used it for a while, there’s always something new to learn. While using the framework, Jag Saund learned 5 not so obvious things about RxJava 1.2 that helped me maximize its potential

Simplify Concurrency with Reactive Modelling on Android (

Christopher Arriola shares an in-depth look at using RxJava for modelling standard application operations.

JUnit 5: Getting Started (

Mark Allison starts a new series on using JUnit 5 for Android testing.



link image   Test your Mobile App on Real Devices for Free (

Join the Kobiton Beta and test your mobile app on the devices you need, when you need them. Automatically generated activity logs help you track your progress and identify issues faster whether you are manually testing or running automated scripts. Sign up now and start testing in minutes.

link image   PSPDFKit - Free PDF Viewer 1.0 for Android (

Download PDF Viewer to maximize productivity! Instant access to view, search, and annotate PDF documents with ease on your Android phone, tablet, or Chromebook. A seamless PDF experience, trusted by thousands of companies and developers throughout the world.

link image   Deliver in-app customer service with Zendesk (

Special offer for Android Weekly readers: save $177 with coupon "DEV238". With Zendesk's Mobile SDK, you can join Rovio Games and Swiftkey in bringing rich, native, in-app support to your app quickly and easily. Try it out today.



Building the best banking app in the world @ Monzo (London, UK)

We're building a bank for the 21st century, and we want a 4th product-aware Android engineer to join our team. Our designers care about a slick native experience & understand Android best practices. We use an MVP architecture, RxJava, and our minimum SDK is 21 🎉 Join us!

Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Want to work on the world's leading video platform and community for gamers? Join us at Twitch!


Libraries & Code

link image   FastHub (

FastHub is yet another open source GitHub client app but unlike any other app, FastHub built from ground up.

gradle-android-javafmt-plugin (

A plugin that formats your code using googe-java-format.

HtmlCompat (

Nougat introduced vast improvements to the Html class for converting HTML to spannables. Unfortunately these new features are missing for older Android versions. HtmlCompat attempts to address this problem by providing developers with a compatibility library.



link image   Android Studio 2.3 (

Android Studio 2.3 is available to download today. The focus for this release is quality improvements across the IDE.

Kotlin 1.1 Released with JavaScript Support, Coroutines and more (

Now Kotlin can be used with JavaScript, and gains coroutines.