Issue #250

March 26th, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   O-h yeah! What we look forward to in Android O (

The team at Novoda poured over the Android O documentation to find out what new feature tickles their fancies the most.

JUnit 5: Dynamic Tests (

Mark Allison continues his series on JUnit 5, showing how to further simplify things and reduce boilerplate.

Flying Solo with Android Development (

Are you a solo dev? Here are some tips on how to avoid isolation and stay connected with community.

Ok Google, Charge $2 for Coffee (

This post shows how to use Google Home to activate the Square Contactless Reader and take a real Apple Pay transaction backed by a Square Cash virtual card.

link image   Introduction to SpringAnimation with examples (

Dynamic-animation is a new module introduced in revision 25.3.0 of the Android Support Library. It provides a small set of classes for making realistic physics-based view animations.

Rewriting Uber Engineering’s Rider App with Deep Scope Hierarchies (

Uber rewrote their rider apps and subdivided the app into a deep hierarchy of dependency injection scopes to allow more features to be written without knowledge of one another.

Reducing networking footprint with OkHttp, Etags & If-Modified-Since (

You have many options to reduce networking usage of your Android app. Low-hanging fruit is the use of If-Modified-Since or Etags headers. It’s already included in OkHttp3, you will just have to enable it.

It’s time to kiss goodbye to your implicit BroadcastReceivers (

If you want to target Android O and its shiny new features AND you have registered implicit BroadcastReceivers in your AndroidManifest, read this article.

Random Musings on the O Developer Preview 1 (

Each time Google releases a new developer preview, Mark Murphy rummages through the API differences report and the high-level overviews, to see if there are things that warrant more attention from developers.

Writing Concise Code with Kotlin and RxJava (

Ribeira dos Caldeirões shows how using RxJava with Kotlin can be far more concise and readable than with Java.



link image   Nevercode - Continuous Integration for Mobile Pros (

Save time and build Android apps with just a few clicks. Automate UI, Unit & Instrumentation tests for every commit and distribute to Slack, HockeyApp, TestFairy or Google Play. Trusted by Sainsbury's, Toyota and Pearson. Get started for free.

link image   Deliver in-app customer service with Zendesk (

Special offer for Android Weekly readers: save $177 with coupon "DEV238". With Zendesk's Mobile SDK, you can join Rovio Games and Swiftkey in bringing rich, native, in-app support to your app quickly and easily. Try it out today.



Android Engineer @ Scalable Capital (Munich)

Scalable Capital is a FinTech Start Up with offices in Munich and London and a strong focus on technology and quantitative analysis. We aim to revolutionize investment management and are looking for talented new team members! Join us as an Android Engineer and own the complete App life cycle.

Software Development Engineer – Mobile (Boston, MA / Seattle, WA / Santa Barbara, CA)

If you love music, solving challenging software problems, and doing things the right way every time, we’d like to talk to you. When you join one of our teams, you will be responsible for improving the Sonos applications to seamlessly play what listeners want to hear where they want to hear it.

Senior Android Developer @ Clue (Berlin )

Want to apply your Android Development skills to empower millions of users and help us scale the role of Technology in female health? Join us at Clue, the world’s fastest growing period tracking and fertility app. We are a 45-person, VC-­backed startup based in Berlin.


Libraries & Code

Fakeit (

The Kotlin fake data generator library!

Cicerone (

Cicerone is a lightweight library that makes the navigation in an Android app easy.

data-binding-validator (

Android fields validation library based on data binding adapters

LabCoat (

GitLab client for Android



link image   O-MG, the Developer Preview of Android O is here! (

Google shares the first developer preview of the next version of the OS: Android O.



link image   Android Studio meets Slack (

Share android apk with tester and stake holders on a single click