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April 2nd, 2017

Articles & Tutorials

link image   Preliminary look at View tooltips (

In this post Bryan Herbst explains the new Tooltips API from Android O.

Perfecting Custom Typography in Android (

Type characteristics can be easily adjusted by targeting a few attributes in the code; however, honing in on the right values for those attributes can be tricky since design software uses units of measure that are not compatible with Android type attributes.

Kotlin in Production: Should you stay or should you go? (

Thoughts by Danny Preussler if Kotlin is here to stay. He'll way some pros and some cons with an open end so you can decide for yourself.

How We Made the ToolBar on Android Move Like Jelly (in Kotlin) (

An explanatory blog post how JellyToolbar was created in Kotlin. The Yalantis team will walk you through how the animation was created.

JUnit 5: Lambdas (

JUnit 5 has been specifically designed to work with some of the new features in Java 8 and lambda expressions are one of the key features that it can benefit from. Mark Allison shows how to use these features on Android.

link image   Testing MVP using Espresso and Mockito (

In this post by Josias Sena you'll lean how to test a model view presenter architectore using espresso and mockito.

The rise of the full-stack native mobile app developer (

If you’re only doing native mobile app development today, it is time to learn some back-end technologies. Erik Hellman compares how the need for web back-end developers skyrocketed and mobile will also see an increasing need for this skill today.

Kotlin Dependency Injection with the Reader Monad (

Jorge Castillo shows how functional features of Kotlin can be used as a Dependency Injection framework.

How lambdas work in Kotlin & setOnClickListener transformation (

Antonio Leiva in depth explanation about how lambdas work in Kotlin, and how they transform the interfaces with a single method in lambdas.

Making Java Code Easier to Read (Without Changing it) (

In this post by the IntelliJ IDEA team they walk you through some tricks to make to Java code more readable.

How to use Arduino libraries with Android Things (

In this post Marcos Placona explains how to use Arduino together with Android Things. He'll walk through the setup and how to pass an Arduino instance object to a driver to access sensor data.

Using external displays with Android Things (

In this post Gautier Mechling will explain different external display options (from HDMI to black white LCD) that are available for Android Things.



link image   New developer tool for Android: PaintCode (

PaintCode is a vector drawing app that turns your drawings into easy-to-use Android Java code. Perfect for drawing resolution-independent icons and custom UI elements. You can even make your drawings animated and parametric.

link image   Test your Mobile App on Real Devices for Free (

Join the Kobiton Beta and test your mobile app on the devices you need, when you need them. Automatically generated activity logs help you track your progress and identify issues faster whether you are manually testing or running automated scripts. Sign up now and start testing in minutes.



Streak YC S11, Mobile Tech Lead (San Francisco)

We're hiring a curious mind to own development of our Android and iOS Apps. Make a mobile app for Gmail's audience, without being on the Gmail team. Listen to our users then build them something they'll love and use everyday.

Senior Android Engineer @ eero (San Francisco)

At eero we’re building the connected home of the future and we’re looking for a senior Android engineer to lead our team. In this role you will be mentoring fellow engineers, improve our build process, work with eero's software and hardware teams, and play a key role in eero’s future innovations.

Android Engineer (London)

We would love to hear from you if you want to build great software using Dagger 2, RxJava and Retrofit! The App Business are looking for experienced Android Engineers to work in a fast-paced, Agile environment delivering sophisticated software for the likes of TfL, Met Office and Unilever.

Senior Android Engineer @ Tinder (Los Angeles OR Palo Alto )

Are you an awesome Android Developer? Do you want to work on products that are seen by tens of millions of users? Are you passionate about clean code? Tinder is hiring talented Senior Android Engineers that will be instrumental in taking our product to the next level! Apply below


Libraries & Code

JellyToolbar (

JellyToolbar is an animated view where the action gets a nice wobble effect. Be sure to check out the corresponding blog post.

Android Router (

This is a really interesting project - Android Router is an Android componentization protocol framework, used for decoupling complex project.

Typesetter (

Android tool to help display changes to text positioning.

Telegram (

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. It’s superfast, simple and free. This repo contains the official source code for Telegram App for Android.

Badger (

Badger is a generalized single purpose library for adding badges to drawables in general and menu items.

Classyshark Calculate Size (

This library by DEX Ninja Boris Farber helps you to calculate the size of a dependency within your APK classes.

SlidingRootNav (

DrawerLayout-like ViewGroup, where a "drawer" is hidden under the content view, which can be shifted to make the drawer visible.



link image   Calling all early adopters for Android Studio previews (

Google revealed a new site for Android Studio previews.


Videos & Podcasts

link image   Espresso: Beyond the Basics (

Iñaki Villar discusses the more advanced workings of Espresso by showing how it integrates into different frameworks, and how it works over the Android system. Iñaki also talks about the methods of testing and instrumentation, and explains the tools he uses for them.

Data Binding in the Real World (

The possibilities of Android data binding are endless, and with the right architecture, your code can be much cleaner and a lot easier to understand. This talk explains the basics of data binding, and then quickly moves on to more advanced techniques/functions.



link image   Droidcon Boston is April 10-11, LAST CALL! (

The first ever Droidcon Boston is April 10-11, 2017 at Calderwood Pavillion in the South End. In order to ensure that everyone who wants to come can do so, we are extending a discount to tech communities. Using this link, readers can get $100 off. This discount is only available until midnight, April 3rd.